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OSMF should vote more often...... 2018 Edition 9 days ago

Hi! Thanks for the information.

Some numbers about mailing lists 10 days ago

Thanks for this information. It is important to note that many community members do not use the mailing lists but opt for other communication channels. There are many reasons for this, but when we consider the breadth and activity of the community it is always key to see metrics in terms of the reality.

Mapping Overtime in India 11 days ago

Thanks for sharing. It is great to have people join from all parts of the world. And, congrats to the SOTM Asia team and participants.

Membership Working Group Updates 11 days ago

Hi Paul and MWG.

It might help for potential volunteers for the MWG to know the following: -average time to on board for membership waiver review or other MWG tasks -approximate time that would be expected 1 hour a week etc. - types of skills needed



Retiring from OSM 11 days ago

Thanks for your contributions to OSM.

Neutral ground 16 days ago

Dear colleagues, this is a difficult time and a very complex issue. As some responders stated, emotions are high.

I posted this to the OSMF list as a reminder, but I truly ask that we focus on solutions, not the volunteers in DWG or on this official channel.

The etiquette guidelines are in place to help us collaborate on OSMF.

Thank you, Heather

OSMF membership rates by country 22 days ago

There is large potential to reframe the discussion. What is the future of OSM? Consider that the youth of the world are in Asia and Africa. What if we planned and grew for those audiences? What if we supported the incredible communities in other continents? How would the quality of mapping and the beauty of engagement grow?

State of the Map Asia just concluded (Congrats to the team). State of the Map Africa is being planned for next year. Let's all get behind the needs and support this.

There are real technology, cultural differences, and financial hurdles to growing. However, the opportunity to really be global by supporting the spirit of OSM is key.

Welcome all, I say.


#Successful Visit to Nigerian Red Cross,Rivers State for OSM Knowledge Sharing and Initiation of Local partnership with #UniqueMappersTeam(UMT)Port Harcourt 4 months ago

Thanks for this post! I work with the IFRC and would very much like to learn more about your work.

Feel free to contact me

Heather Leson heather.leson AT IFRC dot org.

My experiences from State of the Map 2018, Milan, Italy 4 months ago

Geoffrey, It was great to hear both your talks. Truly, your contribution to Weekly OSM and growing OSM helps us all learn from you.

Keep on shining and hopefully see you in Dar in a few weeks


Inclusivity at State of Map 2018 4 months ago

Dear Amalie, thanks for your contributions to OSM. I also appreciate your reflections on how inclusive SOTM was in terms of content.

Keep on inspiring us to learn from you,


Map-[A]ddiction has Rewards 5 months ago

Great to read more about your contributions


Results of OSM user demographic survey: further results 5 months ago

Thanks for this analysis, Zoe.

Geo-spatial mapping of health services in slums 5 months ago

Hey have you seen Mark might be a good resource

Good luck on your project!


Share your story: Open Gender Monologues 5 months ago

Thanks again for this conversation. Jenjereren, thanks for this reflection. It is exactly why we need to learn from each other. How might we be a more inclusive map? How might we reflect all our lives in what we map?

Thanks for this leadership in sharing.


Share your story: Open Gender Monologues 6 months ago

Dear colleagues, I appreciate an open space for conversation, but ask for peace in tone and approach. We are all passionate about OSM. To be honest, some of the notes are exactly why we need to talk about how we are and how we collaborate.

Thank you,


How does the OpenStreetMap community perceive gender equity? 6 months ago

Thank you to the GeoChicas for your leadership and making this a data-driven discussion.

By combining experiences and data, we can move towards productive next steps.


Share your story: Open Gender Monologues 6 months ago

Hi Anas, thanks for your note. The focus is a culture of inclusion and 'openness'. It would be fantastic to say that no one has had experiences in OSM that made them feel gender and non-binary gender excluded. The purpose of OSM, the spirit of community and the quality of data could be improved if there was an outright expectation that we can and should be more warm and inclusive.

When it comes to LGBTQ community experiences, I will ask those folks to share. Women in this community have expressed concerns, examples, and subtle exclusion. Again, this is not 'always' the case, but it is enough for people to walk away from the community and/or not be more engaged. I say this because people are approaching me and sharing.

The Open Gender Monologues is a way to bring the conversations to the open and then work together on how we might grow and shift.

Thanks again for your kind words,


Building an inclusive map - OSM and gender discussion 9 months ago

Thanks for your comments. The call was about OSM and Gender, thus the topics we talked about related to our experiences, perspectives, and feelings about collaborating in OSM. Indeed, we discussed a few topics. The key is that we all want OSM to grow and be more inclusive. The question of why women are not more engaged in this project remains. We aim to keep thinking about this.

I agree that some of the topics are not limited to genders. Actually, I am very thankful you are bringing up this larger topic. We all have to work on this to improve OSM.

Thank you


Building an inclusive map - OSM and gender discussion 9 months ago

Vincent de Phily - I agree that this is an OSM-wide issue. This call focused on OSM and Gender - a safe and inclusive conversation. I agree that there are many allies to work on this together. Looking forward to collaborating.

Severak - I will ask the GeoChicas team again.

Thank you again for the conversation


OSM Awards as a thermometer on diversity in the mapping community 9 months ago

Selena, thank you for this discussion and for your leadership.

Colleagues, thank you for this discussion. I look forward to seeing the 2018 awards being more diverse!

A few notes: 1. A technical solution, while laudable, is only part of the equation. 2. Etiquette is also needed

OSM has an opportunity to be more inclusive and diverse. This is our choice in all that we do and say. The risk of not addressing these issues one by one is that we leave behind half the world's population. If you would like a data-driven reason - the data will improve if women map and if women are part of the community in every possible way.