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Opening up HOT Governance (help wanted) 3 months ago

@Pedrito1414 Thanks!

@PierZen - Thanks for the question. We tried to cover those topics in the slides. The short answer is “yes”. The GWG will focus on learning about governance models that might serve HOT now and into the future. We will work with the HOT Board, staff, membership, partners/supporters, and wider community on this front. The HOT membership has been asked to get involved in HOT Strategy - see slack #votingmembers (There is the possibility of a matrix bridge if you wish to use other comms tools. )

Opening up HOT Governance (help wanted) 3 months ago

@amanda - I updated the post to say it is Pending. have a good day

Opening up HOT Governance (help wanted) 3 months ago

Hi O_Andras,

Thanks for the comment. Organizational change and transformation is often used interchangeably /in conjunction with ‘shift’. When I use ‘shift’, I (and others) ask - are we fit for future, are we organized right, do we meet the needs, what can we improve?

So for me - ‘shift’ is to explore - ‘as is’ and ‘to be’ - what is the current state and what are the options to be. Being open to explore these is the journey.

Hope this clarifies,


Misuse of sac_scale in the Alps 8 months ago

Thanks for sharing this. I love learning about Swiss and OSM.


What HOT’s Board Needs: A Top 5 List 8 months ago

Thanks for this reflection, Tyler.

HOT is an incredible project and network within OSM. I think all candidates and board members are aware of this important and valued place.

Having a well-rounded and skilled board is important for any project. Here’s to considering that line between operational and strategic board while being a great partner, member and supporter of the larger OSM and OSMF.


Community Consultation - Etiquette Guidelines and Moderation for OSM /OSMF 9 months ago

@benoitDD - merci

@Nordok Welcome to OSM.

Thanks for this question. I’ve been involved in OSM for over a decade. My roles have included community builder, event host, mentor, working group member, governance, writer, and board member for both HOT and OSMF. My passion for the project does not sway when people continue to ask what my value is and whether I am a “mapper” or a “manager”.

I guess I can say a few points:

  • Research before critique: the data points exist on the OSM on what I have done or contribute. No one should have to justify that they want to be involved in OSM or that they are engaged in the project.
  • People before data: we are a community, a project, a network that have passion for the project and each other’s ability to engage.
  • Community: there is much to do in OSM to make it a safe and healthy space. The point of this diary post is to encourage better shared space. I hope you can read more about this and meet your community allies along the way.

Now, I am going to go back to focusing on the OSM community chat with presentations from around the world. I look forward to meet you in spaces like that so that we can build OSM together

Happy Friday


Ein paar Worte zu den Plänen der OSMF zur Verhaltensregulierung 9 months ago

Thanks for your comments and this discussion.

OSM, OSMF, and any ‘social ‘ /community /network has a set of ‘norms, values and cultures’.

We are simply stating that the project needs to be more open, healthy and inclusive. This, thus, updates the norms, values and cultures in our moderation and etiquette. The subcommittee welcome comments to help us meet that goal.

if we don’t talk about the nuances of OSM and OSMF we will continue to be stuck between a few worlds/versions.

On a more personal note, OSM and OSMF will change only if we all find a way to meet each other. The space between and amoung us is fully OSM.

While I don’t speak German, I really appreciate your writing in this language. Glad that DeepL can help us learn more about your views.


Now is the time - OSM and OSMF Moderation Guidance - your input requested 10 months ago

Wonderful, @kilkenni - It is great to have communities collaborate on this.

The 2021 OSMF Survey of the OSM community has been activated over 1 year ago

Thanks so much for this effort. I am sure we will learn much about who is OSM and OSMF, which will lead the board and community of communities to determine the ‘what’ and ‘why’ with evidence and data.

Looking forward to these discussions.


Introducing the HOT Community Team over 1 year ago

Fantastic news. Welcome and congrats to the new folks

Here’s to community health (CHAOSS), programming, education and connection. Thanks in advance to the team for all that you will contribute to HOT and the greater OSM community of communities.

Potential HOT tasking manager improvements to help new and existing contributors collaborate more effectively over 1 year ago

HI Pete, thanks for these reflections. I have long opined that the soft skills will help OSM - negotiation, change management, communication styles, systems/complexity, and community engagement. These, of course, underpin your items, but perhaps we need to name them too.

all the best,


Potlatch 3 is here! over 1 year ago


Localizing Community Support through regional hubs over 1 year ago

Fantastic. Geoffrey, I am so glad that you are building a team to support OSM across the region. rest up and shine in 2021.

Thank you for always focusing on professionalism, community, and local first.


hot_tech | Rapid assessment & Design sprints (RaDs) over 1 year ago

This is great, Bo. Thanks for sharing

Whose Freedom? Whose Openness? over 1 year ago

thank you for this reflection. It really has become the OSM of versions, sadly

A Call to Take Action and Confront Systemic Offensive Behaviour in the OSM Community. (Updated) over 1 year ago

Dears just a quick note to state that someone has claimed my copy of “Invisible Women”. Do read it if you can


A Call to Take Action and Confront Systemic Offensive Behaviour in the OSM Community. (Updated) over 1 year ago

Thank you for these comments. I do think there is a middle way. And even when we don’t agree, at least we are talking and trying to understand. (hopefully) philippec - welcome back to this comment space.

On Ilya’s recommendation, I concur. Invisible Women is a fantastic book. I will gladly send my copy to the first person who identifies as a man. Just let me know and I can get the address - heatherleson at gmail dot com.

Thoughts on the OSMF Board and OSM Community over 1 year ago

Thank you for this post. I am really moved by your statements and experiences.

Peace, indeed.


Regarding the Call to Take Action and Confront Systemic Offensive Behavior in the OSM Community over 1 year ago

Thank you

Sorry / Bad choice of words over 1 year ago

HI Frederik, thank you for this reflection.