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Share your story: Open Gender Monologues about 4 hours ago

Hi Anas, thanks for your note. The focus is a culture of inclusion and 'openness'. It would be fantastic to say that no one has had experiences in OSM that made them feel gender and non-binary gender excluded. The purpose of OSM, the spirit of community and the quality of data could be improved if there was an outright expectation that we can and should be more warm and inclusive.

When it comes to LGBTQ community experiences, I will ask those folks to share. Women in this community have expressed concerns, examples, and subtle exclusion. Again, this is not 'always' the case, but it is enough for people to walk away from the community and/or not be more engaged. I say this because people are approaching me and sharing.

The Open Gender Monologues is a way to bring the conversations to the open and then work together on how we might grow and shift.

Thanks again for your kind words,


Building an inclusive map - OSM and gender discussion 3 months ago

Thanks for your comments. The call was about OSM and Gender, thus the topics we talked about related to our experiences, perspectives, and feelings about collaborating in OSM. Indeed, we discussed a few topics. The key is that we all want OSM to grow and be more inclusive. The question of why women are not more engaged in this project remains. We aim to keep thinking about this.

I agree that some of the topics are not limited to genders. Actually, I am very thankful you are bringing up this larger topic. We all have to work on this to improve OSM.

Thank you


Building an inclusive map - OSM and gender discussion 3 months ago

Vincent de Phily - I agree that this is an OSM-wide issue. This call focused on OSM and Gender - a safe and inclusive conversation. I agree that there are many allies to work on this together. Looking forward to collaborating.

Severak - I will ask the GeoChicas team again.

Thank you again for the conversation


OSM Awards as a thermometer on diversity in the mapping community 3 months ago

Selena, thank you for this discussion and for your leadership.

Colleagues, thank you for this discussion. I look forward to seeing the 2018 awards being more diverse!

A few notes: 1. A technical solution, while laudable, is only part of the equation. 2. Etiquette is also needed

OSM has an opportunity to be more inclusive and diverse. This is our choice in all that we do and say. The risk of not addressing these issues one by one is that we leave behind half the world's population. If you would like a data-driven reason - the data will improve if women map and if women are part of the community in every possible way.


OSM and Gender - Invitation to Online Discussion 4 months ago

Thanks again to everyone who added their times to the poll. We will aim for more times in the future.


How to track and encourage contribution? 4 months ago

Thanks for this.

When I consider beginner and intermediate mappers, it might be good to think about this workflow in terms of 'validation'. Meaning - it would be good to have 'mentors' and feedback to know how we are mapping and how we can improve over time.

Responding to the collaborative mapping in Peru 4 months ago

Great collaborations

Open Mapping in Manila, for Open Data Day 2018 4 months ago

Great stuff! It might be good to get a full list of OSM events around OpenData Day.


Thank you, now on with the next steps 6 months ago

Thanks for your congratulations.

Regarding policies - The community and working groups will manage this issue. I am mostly concerned about how we consult and coordinate. Any major policy should have a framework of inclusive consultation. When I responded to the initial email about the "Directed editing Policy", I asked for details on research had been conducted in relation to other global data projects or policy planning. This has remained unanswered. One recommendation I would like to make is that all the local chapters get input into this. The reality is that the mailing list is not the only forum to reach people. As for conflict of interest on this policy, I would ask that you consider all the board members in that criteria.

Your implicit questioning about my IT background has been answered. Regarding mapping, yes I do plan to improve on this area.

My questions for you and others on this front:

How do you think people should adjust their online behaviour to collaborate and negotiate with others who have different viewpoints or experience?


Seeking your support for OSMF Board Membership 7 months ago

Thanks for the note on notes. Point taken. I will try to add this and OSM Streak to my weekly routines. There are many things I can improve on. Human.

What would be fun is to link the two tools :) Phiippec, Is there a github link for notes and your product idea?


A year of edits with OSM Streak 7 months ago

very cool

Seeking your support for OSMF Board Membership 7 months ago

Thanks for these questions.

@Philippec - Regarding the 'juggle of notes', if you are referring to email, well, it is the worst protocol. I really like how Public Lab has built tools for community engagement and notemaking. It is less threads and more productive action. This is due to their ethos on community engagement which they built into the organization from the outright.

Regarding vandalism, I honestly trust that the data working group has some thoughts on how to improve on this. I would seek their guidance. As well, Sajjad Anwar told us at SotM Asia about improving tools (scripts) to investigate these. When you say 'maverick mapping', can you explain more about what you mean?

@stereo - Today I responded extensively on the wiki about community engagement and ideas for implementation. As with any Board position, it is important to work on the plans with all the fellow board members, working groups, local chapters, and, as OSMF would have it - some very prolific and vocal contributors. To me, we need to talk and listen to those who are not speaking up and those whose voices may be drown out on mailing lists. We need to truly engage outside the lists if we want a full reflection and consultation before implementing anything.

I appreciate yours and others prerogative on my OSM editing contributions. As mentioned on the list today, I do think that there are other competencies that the Board Members lack; we need to be fully balanced. We don't need a board of expert mappers alone. We need people who can help address some of the issues that people have brought up. Yes, I have much to learn like anyone else. It is my experience that a Board should be strategic focused with diverse skills. A good board member balances and collaborates with the other board members. We don't always have to agree, but we have to work for the membership and the mission. I posted some of these resources to the wiki election questions - but here are a few resources

Thank you again,