How do other open spaces discuss "community", "diversity and inclusion," and "leadership"?

Posted by Heather Leson on 9 February 2020 in English (English).

Last week I joined 1000s of other open advocates for 2 full days of It was good to run into open source friends and OSM allies (Thanks OSM-be for the meetup). The event is actually bigger than 2 days if you count some of the pre-days which were very applicable (SustainOSS and Chaoss).

All the videos/slides are online, so as we consider how we might help OpenStreetMap and OpenStreetMap Foundation communities/members/working groups/board, please do consider reviewing.

Sustain OSS


Community Metrics:

Data-driven change is close to OSM’s culture. For the past years, I’ve been writing that we need a community strategy that uses data as part of our toolkit. The good news is that the Chaoss community health project is doing this. We could learn from them. This could build on the work from last year’s OSM survey, Manfred’s post on statistics, and our concerns noted in the OSM SWOT analysis. There are working groups across “open” communities on Common Metrics, Diversity and Inclusion, Evolution, Risk, and Value. I missed attending this full pre-FOSDEM day event, but all the slides are online:

Chaoss 2020

It would be good for a few of us to engage more with this network. Happy to co-work on this front.

Why do people Contribute?

The talk by James Bottomley on the Selfish Contributor was fascinating. On the one side, it was good to see a framing on the ‘ego’ of one type of contributor. My main concern about the talk is that it reinforced tropes on who contributes and why. He did not cover the heart of community responsibility or community health. We all need to be active in making this a safe, fun, inclusive, and healthy network. Overall, it was good to walk in this line of thinking.

Video: The Selfish Contributor

The legal and policy room was a full day of license, governance, and ethical considerations. Some of the items are recorded, but if you are going to watch one talk, especially the OSM License Working Group. It would be important to consider the implications for OSM:

Oracle v. Google: What are the implications for FOSS?

Community DevRoom

Honestly, just watch all the talks. I’m going to curate a “community developer track” for SOTM. If you would like to join, let Trudy and I know.

Community DevRoom

Some of my quick highlights:

The GeoSpatial room was full on Sunday am, so glad to see Ilya’s talk online. Really thankful for the FOSDEM community and organizers. I highly recommend going and actively participating.

Location: Şafaktepe Mahallesi, Mamak, Ankara, Central Anatolia Region, 06340, Turkey

Comment from PherJess on 10 February 2020 at 18:21

Thanks for sharing this, Heather Leson! :)

Comment from Geospa_gal on 11 February 2020 at 14:41

Great post Heather, thank you for sharing all this info. In the community metrics section you mention ‘last years OSM survey’: what was this on? where can I get hold of it? Cheers

Comment from migurski on 16 February 2020 at 17:32

I’ve followed up on this and a few other talks from Matt Broberg, thanks for sharing. They’re excellent. He made some interesting scale comparisons from his IRC talk:

IRC Scale

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