Farringdon. Last one in the series

Posted by Harry Wood on 16 October 2009 in English (English)

I had a good mapping session last night even though it was in the dark. My dad and I went around slice 10 which I'd picked because it's a one of those weird areas of central London I've never really explored much. Also in the aerial imagery I could see a churchyard with an interesting shape.

...A challenge for fuzzy yahoo sketching. I made plenty of corrections to that along with a various other building outlines, by labelling spots which were particularly unclear, and then having a good look around on the ground.

The Three Compasses was renovated since I was in there several years back. Quite nice, and it still had a Thai restaurant on the floor above. We split up, and half of us went to eat there later on, but before that we were sitting around doing the usual technical chit-chat. Joined by the mighty Steve8 this time too. Later on we were talking about replicated databases for read operations and the idea of maybe making read-only OSM DB/PostGIS available on the dev server.

So that was the end of the London Summer Mapping Party Marathon 2009. It is no more, but rapidly to be replaced by the London winter pub meet ups 2009-2010. For mapping (in daylight) we'll need to organise something on a weekend.

I didn't take any photos last night. But how about this nice picture printed big in the Guardian Technology supplement today (article):

OpenStreetMap with CloudMade style in the Guardian Technology... on Twitpic

Location: Clerkenwell, London Borough of Islington, London, Greater London, England, EC1R 0EA, United Kingdom

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