Brick Lane Mapping Party + other events

Posted by Harry Wood on 19 August 2009 in English (English)

If the state of my gastrointestinal system is anything to go by, then Monday's London mapping and curry meet-up in Brick Lane, was a real stonker. A good turn out as predicted, and we all met up and managed to spread onto several tables outside the stylish Vibe Bar, before heading on to have a meal in the "Standard Balti House" which was... well pretty standard really.

Brick Lane photos on facebook

I suppose this curry house might appear on the map soon (here somewhere) although nobody had signed up to take on the challenge of slice 2 in the end (cake diagram) Overall this is a pretty mixed and varied area to do mapping in. My slice 12 was fairly grotty along most of its length. In the facebook album there I've included a photo of a derelict building with several trees growing out of it. Without wanting to be too impolite to the residents of Whitechapel Road, it really does look like a 3rd world country in places :-)

As predicted a key topic of conversation was the OpenStreetMap Foundation elections. If you care about OpenStreetMap you really should be voting, and before you can vote you have to join, so get yourself sorted out now! The deadline for voting by email is Thursday midnight i.e. Friday 00:00 BST i.e. not long to go! In fact if you didn't join already you might be pushing it.

The next London mapping evening is scheduled for Tuesday 25th August in Camberwell, but before that on Saturday we've got the aformentioned AGM, and the worldwide party spectacular that is the OpenStreetMap 5th Anniversary Birthday party. The London location is now set. The Porterhouse. I like the beers in this place, and I shall be drinking many of them. Oh yes! [went to the mulberry bush in the end]

And for a little more event-overload, we've kicked off planning of WhereCamp EU.

Location: The Old Truman Brewery, Spitalfields, London Borough of Tower Hamlets, London, Greater London, England, United Kingdom

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