Mayfair's paper-based mapping party

Posted by Harry Wood on 7 August 2009 in English (English)

So we had our big post box gathering session in Mayfair over a week ago now (Another London evening meet-up) I guess maybe I should report back on the spectacular number of postboxes we've added, but so far I've not even found time to enter my data. Promise to do this soon though.

This meet-up was papertastic, with most people opting to use the service over any kind of GPS-based mapping. GPS is not so effective in central London, so paper is the way to go.

A good bunch of people this time. Lots of new faces, including some people quite new to mapping (I want to attract more of these to come along!)

We also had Nick demonstrating Mapzen. The new OpenStreetMap editor under development at Cloudmade. I'm excited about the tutorial features which are designed to help newbies learn the ropes in a more gradual less "thrown in at the deep end" kind of way, rather like the training missions in computer games.

The Iron Duke pub, despite being small, had plenty of free tables at the back, so this worked out well apart from... no food! (well they stopped with food after 8p.m I think) So most people decamped to an amenity=restaurant cuisine=italian later on.

Gregory ate a pizza with egg 'n' chips on it, so maybe not so cuisine=italian..


Speaking of cuisine, the next meet-up is tomorrow, and it's a meat-up! Oh yes! Come along for a quick bit of mapping in the morning in Tottenham area, then BBQ for lunch!

Location: Mayfair, City of Westminster, London, Greater London, England, W1K 3JD, United Kingdom

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