Random pub meet-up South Bank

Posted by Harry Wood on 22 January 2009 in English (English)

Last night's random pub meet-up at the Mad Hatter was pretty well attended. I expected fewer people to make their way to the South Bank, but there was about twelve of us.

This time the dreaded camera came out. Behold my photographic masterpieces:

randomjunk and TomH Matt getting a round Stephen and Kai everyone TomH and Harry Francine in OSM cap (on flickr)

We talked through the general mapping process (or the various alternative mapping processes) with a guy who was new to all this.

Jenny was showing off her paper-based mapping approach again. My girlfriend was impressed and said she might be tempted to do mapping with such a nice organised book to write in. Must be a girl thing. All the OSM guys I've ever met have gone for gadgets and maybe a sheet or two of scruffy looking sketches / printouts :-)

We had a mobile table. Kai and Stephen sharing experiences of J2ME development, and pains of seeking compatibility with various mobile phones (Stephen is the creator of trackmyjourney while Kai does GpsMid)

What else did we talk about? Add comments if you can remember.

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