Offline mapping in South France + Wikipedia image

Posted by Harry Wood on 23 September 2008 in English (English)

I just had a week long holiday in South France near Montpellier. Visiting Montpellier I saw this building which has a very ornate looking outline (wiki "featured image" from a few weeks back). Rather disappointingly it is just a modern shopping precinct! I wonder who added that mapping detail. A local, or another holiday visitor?

I took my laptop with me so that I could offload photos and GPS traces on a regular basis, so was able to do a lot of photo mapping (much to the girlfriend's annoyance) of the various vineyard dirt tracks and little medieval towns we visited. I also experimented with offline mapping. No internet in our villa, so I took a few .osm files with me, and tried to make some edits offline in JOSM. This worked, but I found myself missing YWMS, so I didn't do much of this. So now I have a lot of photos and traces to work through.

While I was away a wikipedian messaged me to point out their use of OSM maps to create an image of Delhi bombings.

Good stuff! That's using the export tab to create an SVG file which they can then make further changes to. Wikipedia allows upload of files in SVG format, which get rasterized server-side (more info) ...actually the map of Delhi needs a bit of work.

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