Hoxton, Brixton, and lots of data entry + Holborn tonight!

Posted by Harry Wood on 4 September 2014 in English (English)

Last weekend I decided to ignore all my most pressing todo list items, chill out, and catch up on some mapping (Putting in map data based on all the photos I’ve collected) I’ve been getting behind on this, which gives me a familiar “really need to get around to doing that” feeling. That goes for everything on the todo list, but I allow mapping to jump to the top sometimes because the truth is, it’s nice and relaxing. I was in the mood for some long JOSM sessions last weekend so…

In went the data from the 14th May Baker Street mapping evening. Boom!. This was an event which I have actually already managed to write a diary entry about at least, but apologies to Marco, who may have been wondering why we didn’t seem to improve the map at all. Now we have (3 months later!)

In went my data from the 23rd June Hoxton Square mapping evening. Boom!. Actually other people had already got most of that data in, so I was just following up with A few additions and refinements around the square, and the block to the West of it.

This was the mapping evening featuring a radio reporter who followed us around and shoved a big microphone in our faces while we explained what we were doing.

The result of that was broadcast on an american radio station, and is also available to hear here: From Pen And Paper To 3-D, Look Who’s Challenging Google Maps. As often seems to be the case with these media appearances, it got very heavily edited down. I was cut completely. It just had a few phrases spoken by Robert, recorded while we were out mapping that evening. These soundbites and the commentary portray OpenStreetMap as rather a tin-pot project for crazy nutters, but… ah well… Any publicity is good publicity.

And we went to the Reliance pub in Shoreditch. This pub is an old favourite of my officemates at the Open Data Institute. That evening the world cup was on, and Brazil were still doing well (to flop out spectacularly in their next game)


In went the data from the 23rd Jun Brixton mapping evening. Boom!. This was a really nice sunny summer evening mapping session, so I got lots of photos of shops, and keying in all this data last weekend took me a long time. Quite interesting shops though, we were exploring the indoor markets and all the other dinky little afro-carribean/jamaican shops in the area. I’m sure there’s lots more shop mapping to do in the area though.


I enjoyed the sunshine. Along with photoing shops, I was trying to get some mapping action photos. I enjoyed having along Taichi who is one of the main OpenStreetMap community leaders in Japan, and Richard Pope who works for GDS and I’ve met at lots of hackathons (hope we can get him interested in OSM dev):

flickr flickr

And I enjoyed the burritos. Most of all I enjoyed leaving some things for somebody else to organise. Thanks Robert!

That was a lot of mapping data entry, but I still need to input some data from our recent Mayfair mapping evening. Still playing catch-up. Perhaps it’s a good thing then, that our next meet-up is just a nice relaxed pub meet-up. And when is this next meet-up happening? I shall tell you…


It 20 minutes the social OpenStreetMap drinking commences at the Penderel’s oak in Hoborn (details). Come join us!

Location: Brixton, London, Greater London, England, SW2 1SS, United Kingdom

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