OpenStreetMappy Christmas!

Posted by Harry Wood on 26 December 2013 in English (English)

OpenStreetMappy Christmas! I think there should be an official OSM blog post with that message hey? [BOOM there it is]. I’m a day late with this because (weirdly) I wasn’t really spending time on the internet on Christmas day, but…

I did do a bit of mapping! For our family Christmas day walk we went along the Meanwood Valley in North Leeds, all of which I’m delighted to say, is mapped out in a lot of detail on OpenStreetMap. Looks like I have Geoff Richards, and John & Felicity to thank for that. Nice work! I used MapsWithMe to follow/plan our walking route. At the top of the valley went in search of a mysterious and magical place called Adel Crags, which was not on the map. I took some geolocated iPhone photos around there, and used these later with JOSM to add the rock and the access footpath to the map. That’s my normal way of mapping things, but I’ve also been adding a few bits and bobs using Go Map!!

So that was my OpenStreetMappy Christmas day, but we also had an OpenStreetMap Xmas party… with biscuits!


That was just last Saturday. Obviously so close to Christmas we wouldn’t expect it to get lots of people attending, but there was a merry band of us still in London (or in Tim’s case, visiting London) and we enjoyed scoffing all my OpenStreetMappy Xmas biscuits.

Recently the National Library of Scotland published some geo-warped detailed map scans from Ordnance Survey 1896. Historical maps and geo-warping scans is an area Tim Waters is expert in, so we chatted about that. We also chatted with Robert about That Shouldn’t Be Possible, a tool which he needs more people to try out using driving GPS traces.

This all happened down in the deep dark dungeons of the Olde Cheshire Cheese pub. I remember we did Christmas 2012 there too, and that time we were escaping the christmassy cold. This year just horrible rain. Definitely more fun than Christmas shopping in that weather.


We had a more impressive turn out for the Monkey Puzzle pub meet-up at the beginning of the month.


Andy Allan was talking about vector tiles, and pondering about how Mapbox must structure their tile server deployments with this new intermediate format.

At the beginning of the month Derick was just embarking upon on his series of blog posts called contributing advent (now finished) detailing different ways of contributing to different open projects over the days of advent, one blog per day. Neat idea! And there’s quite a few posts on contributing to OpenStreetMap in different ways.

The London Winter OpenStreetMap meet-ups will continue in 2014. Nothing decided yet, watch this space.

Comment from mcld on 27 December 2013 at 12:08

Mappy Christmas to you too :) I too mapped our Christmas (Boxing Day) walk…

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