The Queen's Head + Mapping tonight!

Posted by Harry Wood on 31 July 2013 in English (English)

The last London meet-up was the Queens Head pub which is here near Kings Cross. It was quite a long time ago now.

From what I remember of the Queen's Head pub, it was a good meet-up. Nobody from the OKFN "open data meet-up" came to say hello to us, which was my reason picking this pub. Useless! We also didn't manage to get a table, so sat in a strange circle instead. But on the plus side, there was a map on the wall! A beer map of America. Later we went for burritos in Kings Cross station.

Between now and then, we've had a heatwave here in London. I should probably have organised some lovely mapping evenings in the sunshine, but a heatwave causes various things to go wrong for me. The main thing is I don't feel like drinking tea because it's too hot, so I've spent the past few weeks feeling caffeine deficient. It aint pretty. Also it turns out my home internet cuts out when it's too hot. Mega heat fail!

To add to the fails, I've also managed to lose the photos from the last meet-up. You'll have to see a photo from last time we were in Kings Cross having burritos and imagine different people sat there :-) I'm getting used to using an iPhone as my main camera, but on this occasion I clicked delete then import, instead of import then delete. How very incompetent. I'll tell you what. Here's a stunning picture I took this morning instead (shop=variety_store) :


  • UPDATE! I had a nagging niggling hope that maybe my iPhone, baffling contraption that it is, had squirrelled away a copy of the photos somewhere. After scratching my head for a few days, pondering the various weird syncing things that my phone sometimes does, I gave up on that hope, but a month later and I've discovered the 'photos' app :-) So in a thrilling twist of events ...I can now reveal photos of us sitting around eating burritos in Kings Cross station! (more on flickr)


We have a mapping evening tonight! As is now the routine, I've tried to describe the event in a way which doesn't sound to complicated and scary to newcomers, because it really isn't. Every time we've done this so far, we have just about managed to attract a number of people greater than zero. But maybe I shouldn't speak too soon! I have had one new person email me about tonight. Please pass on the message if you know of any other Londoners who may be interested in our mapping demo session. It might be quite an interesting part of London to explore, setting off from Paddington Street Gardens

Location: Holborn, St Giles, London Borough of Camden, London, Greater London, England, WC1V 6EU, United Kingdom

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