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Posted by Harry Wood on 13 June 2013 in English (English)

So who’s coming mapping TONIGHT?? London mapping party in Camden

We’ve had a few pub meet-ups lately which I didn’t write anything about in my diary. This is kind of deliberate. As we move to a mapping evening <-> pub meet-up alternating timetable, I was hoping to talk more about mapping and less about pubs. I was also hoping to spend a bit less time writing diary entries. It is actually quite time consuming dear reader. KathleenD said in her SOTM.US presentation about organising OSM meet-ups that you should be willing to chill out and take a break if it’s no longer fun any more.

But no! Meet-ups must be documented! …well OK I’m going to document some recent London pub shenanigans very briefly. The truth is, the longer we stay in a pub, the more interesting OpenStreetMappy discussions we get into

Way back in the beginning of May we had a good pub meet-up in the Penderel’s Oak. I took some notes at this meet-up but I didn’t actually take any photos, but there was this one. Tee hee. I’m disappointed SplashMaps haven’t used this in their publicity. So we talked about SplashMaps a bit. We also discussed…

  • Legal nonsense. Was my JOSM printout on the table an “insubstantial extract”? We haven’t established a community expectation of what that term means.
  • SOTMUS (this was before SOTMUS)
  • U.S. customs and how Firefishy is now a U.K. citizen
  • Derick talked about the seemingly simple task of going from lat/lon to timezone in PHP.
  • Boundaries with awkward enclaves caused by noblemen winning and losing land parcels over the gambling table!
  • The “hackday friendliness of OpenStreetMap”. Is using OSM easy enough for developers who want to get stuff done quickly (and why do they always reach for the big G). Should the “API” be called something else to avoid confusion with javascript APIs?
  • Is “Notes” doomed? Being open to un-logged-in users, will it get flooded with nonsense? Do we need to make it less attractive to people behaving like dicks? or is already not that exciting?

hmmm we got more and more serious towards the end there hey?

After that we had the big Marble Arch mapping party, which was great fun!

More recently then we had the blue posts pub meet-up. Didn’t take any notes, but I can inform you that it was an awesome pub meet-up! We actually attracted quite a lot of new faces to the upstairs room of the Blue posts.


Raymond Kenny of was there talking about this new OpenStreetMappy start-up, and about the idea of getting an OpenStreetMap Middle East group going.

We met wille who is a keen OSMer visiting London from Brasil for a few weeks. After being made welcome by some Brazillian mappers myself, on a trip over there, I’m keen to return the favour. I quite like this idea of enjoying our global community, and OpenStreetMap globe trotting. I hope any OSMers visiting London will feel welcome to hook up with us at an OSMLondon pub meet-up!

Good to see Sam Leach too. Didn’t get chance to talk much, but we’ve met before. He’s looking at interesting Open Data opportunities after coming out of academia where he was working on a project to control balloon mounted telescopes which circle over the arctic. Had you any idea such a thing existed??

I had to leave before the burritos sadly :-(

Finally we had a impromptu mackerski pub meet-up at the Monkey Puzzle. The mighty mackerski was over from Dublin visiting. A.K.A. Dermot McNally of the OSM foundation board.

At the monkey puzzle we enjoyed the last the evening sunshine:


…and the monkey puzzle pies.

Matt (another OSM foundation board member) was there too. We got talking about Ireland and England’s special relationship through the ages, until I said “Enough about politics! Let’s talk about the OSM foundation”. After this subtle segway, we talked extensively about something very important… I think it was to do with OSMPlus and more generally how to structure peripheral organisations around the OSMF. …but I’m afraid I was completely drunk at the time.

So that was a pub round-up, but tonight is a MAPPING PARTY. Sign-ups were looking a bit on the quiet side, but I can confirm I have at least one person meeting me outside the Odeon cinema in Camden. We’ll be going for a guided walking talking mapping session. Less people means more attention. So if you’re in the area and fancy joining, better head there now! (My number O7979815O13) It might even be sunny!

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