OpenStreetMap's birthday this Saturday

Posted by Harry Wood on 14 August 2012 in English (English)

Thanks to those who came along and helped me celebrate my birthday with a big BBQ again. Thanks especially to Alex who crafted a custom rendered map birthday card for me:

OpenStreetMap themed birthday card (on flickr)


That was a couple of weeks ago. Time flies, and I've been a bit slow to organise stuff, but THIS SATURDAY it's already time to for a birthday celebration for OpenStreetMap!:

OpenStreetMap 8th Anniversary Birthday party

So far we're partying in Toronto Canada, Cleveland Ohio U.S., Lisbon Portugal, and of course London! I've just picked a pub, trying to think of one with some scope for enjoying sunshine and/or views of the river. The good old Doggets on the South Bank. As we're partying on a Saturday, hopefully lots of people can make it, even if you're travelling into London from afar. Do it! You know you want to! And get in touch if you want some cheap couch surfing accommodation. Add yourself on lanyrd to make the event look more popular. As ever I'm hoping we'll get some interesting new folks, including maybe people who are just a little curious about OpenStreetMap. Who should we be inviting along?

And, as I often seem to accidentally prove, you can organise an OpenStreetMap party at quite short notice, so for those elsewhere in the world, now is the time to add your city to the list and help make this a worldwide party! Which german city will be the first to set something up??

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