Anniversary Party last weekend

Posted by Harry Wood on 26 August 2011 in English (English)

If you didn't already see them, check out the awesome OpenStreetMap anniversary party cake photos. A crisp looking OSM logo design at the FrOSCon in St. Augustin, Germany, and a psychedelic blue cake in Toronto (I think this is cloudmade style 6213 but not sure about the zoom level and projection) Hope everyone enjoyed their parties around the world as much as we did in London.

In London we had sunshine! It rained pretty heavily in the morning, so nobody quite believed my plans for a sitting outside in the sunshine, but you should've had more faith:

OpenStreetMap Birthday party

This photo is by Alex. There's some inferior (but also sunny) pictures by me here on flickr

After such an early start I think I got quite drunk, but can just about remember some of the conversations we had. We talked about...

  • State of American mapping is taking off

  • Evil American spellings used in computer programming. colour vs color.

  • Making a GPS bike mount out of polymorph

  • Mapping the Olympic Park (we have, but how to get new imagery)

  • Aerial imagery from balloons on strings and the Canon Hack Development Kit

  • Aerial imagery offset calculations, Ground control points, and the True Offset Process

  • Crossrail constructions zones (need mapping/updating)

  • SSD

That's just a dump of the "minutes" I wrote down on my scratty piece of paper. Clearly later on I was too drunk to write, and just wrote down "SSD". What does that mean? Probably something to do with some server maintenance grant was talking about. I'd flesh out these topics with more detail, but I probably shouldn't spend time doing that because...

I'm about to go away on holiday. As usual I've had a super busy run up to holiday time, but this time I'm extra stressed by impending presentations. I'm talking at the Society of Cartographers Summer School in Plymouth on 7th September, and then of course at State of the map in Denver and I now have approximately zero days left to prepare for both of these.

With my general state of stress ramping up over the past few weeks I've failed to organised any meet-ups or mapping evenings in London. Sorry about that.

But while I'm away Derick has offered to be the front-man for a meet-up next Tuesday. Thanks for that! I'm sure he'd appreciate some help choosing locations, making cake diagrams, updating the wiki etc. Wiki details on this page

Derick is also running for election to the OpenStreetMap Foundation board which is great news! As I said on the foundation blog, we need more candidates, but I'd also say (in my opinion obviously) Derick is exactly the kind of OSM mapping enthusiast we'd like to see on the board.

Have fun on Tuesday!

Location: Paddington, Westminster, London, Greater London, England, W2 6QS, United Kingdom

Comment from robert on 27 August 2011 at 13:59

What about the geranium conversation?

Comment from Harry Wood on 27 August 2011 at 14:13

It was later unanimously decided that the geranium conversation be stricken from the minutes because it reflected badly on the OpenStreetMap project. If you wish reinstate the geranium conversation in the minutes of this meeting, please raise this at the start of the next meeting on Tuesday 30th.

Comment from chriscf on 30 August 2011 at 23:10

Geraniums were discussed at this meeting? I think we should be told!

Comment from robert on 31 August 2011 at 17:03

It's a cover-up, chriscf.

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