London Hack Weekend and OpenTech

Posted by Harry Wood on 23 May 2011 in English (English)

It's been a pretty intense period of OpenStreetMappy stuff. There's a few things I need to catch up on, here on the diary.

2011-05-22 (0010)

The London Hack Weekend May 2011 has just been and gone. Here's some things we hacked upon:

  • User:Matt fixed some evil infinite looping bug which was showing up intermittently as rails processed diff uploads. This involved some in-depth diagnostics and then code changes to allow an upgrade to libxml. Looking good so far. The problem may be fixed.
  • User:TomH worked on reviewing a lot of work by User:Amm.
    • The code branch formerly known as "OpenStreetBugs" is now called "notes" (a less geeky name for reporting bugsnotes on the map) Not quite deployed yet, but getting there
    • The OpenID work is also under review (allowing people to create an account authenticated by some other provider instead of setting up a new account on
  • User:Firefishy got bogged down in server administration and pondering future hardware/caching stuff but also
    • Made a very slight tweak to the logo on the homepage. Anyone spot the difference??
    • Links from signup terms to translations + summary.
    • Minor html fixes.
    • Enabled a new wiki skin on designed by me (communications working group)

(This list on the wiki)

As for me, I missed the Saturday because I did my OpenTech talk, which felt like quite a big deal. Perhaps this was mainly because I spent so long on the slides in preparation. I'm particularly proud of the progressively assembling developer ecosystem diagram, which looks like this at its climax:

Yes I know technically some of the arrows aren't quite right. In a problem reminiscent of creating the old component overview diagram, it's actually impossible to draw a diagram which is both complete and correct, but also a nice overview summary, but my blog post (the slide notes) give more detail and corrections

On Saturday I also recorded a video interview about OpenStreetMap with some nice folks from VisionOn.TV

After all that I felt a bit fried on Sunday. Didn't really manage any hacking.
I fiddled with menu navigation after firefishy had deployed the MediaWiki skin I'd designed (Nice blog<->wiki match). I needed to make sure the blog and wiki also showed the same thing in the top menu, but further work is needed on re-arranging some content there. This is stuff we've been planning in the Communication Working Group.

Speaking of which, I have a Communication Working Group meeting this evening, and the Technical Working Group people (sysadmins etc) are meeting on Tuesday. No let up! Given this general state of business we'll probably wait until next week to do pub another London meet-up / mapping party, by which time I'll have had chance to say what happened at the Pimlico meet-up, and to do the next cake diagram! (where shall we go mapping??)

Comment from mikelmaron on 23 May 2011 at 14:11

Thanks for the update Harry!

Comment from dcp on 24 May 2011 at 06:11

I can not quite agree on changing BUGS to NOTES:
1. We already have a note tag
2. I agree that BUG is geeky: It implies an OSM corporate error.
What we have are map errors or map deficiencies which have been noticed
by some user who does not have the time, knowledge,or inclination
to correct/complete them.
3. So lets use the words ERROR (instead of BUG) and leave the FIXME for
Just a suggestion

Comment from Harry Wood on 24 May 2011 at 10:57

Yes I did wonder about confusion with the 'note' tag, but it's not the end of the world. In fact I would hope that an integrated note/bug/error reporting feature might eventually mean that people embed less mapping meta-data within tags.

I guess the guys talked about it on Saturday (I wasn't there) and decided to go with 'notes'. TomH has renamed things in the interface and various filenames (commit) so probably not really up for discussion any more, but you could ask him.

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