last weekend's London Hack Weekend

Posted by Harry Wood on 8 May 2010 in English (English)

This time last week we had a big London Hack Weekend kindly hosted by the london hackspace guys, who also spied on us with their webcam and made a time-lapse video.

London Hack Weekend video on Youtube

That shows the big crowd of OSM hackers gathering on the Saturday. Sadly I had to leave due to a foolish calendar clash, but ruturned to join people in the pub later.

I came on the Sunday, which was a little more subdued. My hacking involved learning how kdenlive works, to edit the above video (Seems like quite a nice video editing suite, but I was mostly learning how to avoid it crashing) Plus I spent a while picking the music. I then set in motion a few long running Omosis processes, trying out using matt's OSM db instead of my file-based planet update process on dev. It didn't seem to work (as revealed a few days later) ...but I'm hoping other people did some more productive hacking! I know a couple of people progressed Potlatch 2, and Twain was working on Nominatim for example.

In general we had a really good gathering, bringing in some people who we dont get to see so often. Richard ventured to London village from down-town Charlbury. Frederick was over from Germany. Twain came down from Sheffield. Martin (cyclestreets) was there plus many more who I missed on Saturday. Everyone seemed to have a great day. Always good to get together. Much cross-polination of ideas. etc

The london hackspace is a really interesting little room with a bit of a grungy feel to it, and a bit of a leaky roof, but full of electronic trinkets, and half-built hardware experiments, which put everyone in the mood for OpenStreetMap hacking. Several people said the venue was awesome, and so hopefully we'll do another hack session there some time.

Twain's photo from Saturday at London hackspace

Before that though, we have a very swanky venue for our next hack weekend. Hack weekend & technical workshop June 2010 is lined up for June 26th 27th in city hall. That's this building. Very nice!

Before that though, we have a regular evening pub meet-up and mapping party in Notting Hill coming up on MONDAY night. Sign up! sign up! And pick a slice of the cake if you fancy a bit of that. Thanks to Gregory for the cake diagram and Matt for the pub choice.

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