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Mapping farmers markets in leaflet about 2 months ago

Yes. I should have made that more clear.

Mountain Naming Dispute in Chugach State Park 5 months ago

Nevermind. It says that the names have only been updated to last August and the change was reported to have happened sometime in the last month. Thanks for linking that page. I got lost on their site before looking for the actual database.

Mountain Naming Dispute in Chugach State Park 5 months ago

Interesting. The names have not yet been updated and are still listed as Suicide Peaks. Not that this is the end all be all since osm is more de facto then de jure.

Trying to finish up the Chugach mountain area about 1 year ago

Thanks SK53, I’ll dig into those regions to see what tips I can learn from them.

The state of Anchorage, Alaska on OSM almost 2 years ago


Creating Vectorized Isochrones With OSM Data and R #rstats almost 2 years ago

I don’t have one for grocery stores hosted but here is one for ballot drop off locations in Anchorage:

How Lyft discovered OpenStreetMap is the Freshest Map for Rideshare about 2 years ago

Good to hear that osm is a valuable resource enough for Lyft. Thanks for writing this up and publishing.

Anchorage Buildings mapped with almost 3 years ago

Thanks CJ!