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Open road data for map improvement in Flanders, Belgium almost 2 years ago

Dear Joost,

Thank you for the link, eventually found dsomething I can work with : the map at

Initial comment on my part would be that the window on the map occupies barely half the height of the screen (helpful that it occupies half the width, as one can edit in a window on the other half of the screen), the second comment would be that highlighted ways will be easier to spot if their colour stands out from the background?

Then on updating the map - or rejecting a line from the difference set : how to go about it, please? As an example : the old way is still visible on the AIV most recent photo, but recent Mapillary pica and my ‘local knowledge’ confirm that the way as shown is correct, thus the othe road needs to be omitted from that database.

On the other hand, last time passed (end Sept.) was there in outline, but cyclists still followed the old path along the former roadway, as shown by the two lines on the difference map.

Right, time to sign off,

met vriendelijke groet,

Open road data for map improvement in Flanders, Belgium almost 2 years ago

Sounds interesting, but the link to “Wegenregister, missing roads only:” didn’t work in Edge on 2021-10-20 @ 13:15. My interest would be to 1/ cycle or walk to view the missing ways and 2/ publish pictures on Mapillary. Use the route planner, which offered an option to see which ways were already pictured; Brouter offer a way to add URLs for overlays, although it seems unlikely that there are actually ways missing in the area round the city of Antwerp plus say 50km radius around it.
Met vriendelijke groet,