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Since mid 2018 this tool doesn’t seem to work properly anymore, as in no exact numbers are given. Any ideas why?

Numbering houses

Checked the link to the iphone app, WANTS!

Numbering houses

I could, if I had an Iphone :) Thanks for all of the suggestions, I'll think about getting one of those jackets after all... Also, I got out at a bad time. Nice weather and just after people start getting home from work. It's probably better to choose less crowded times like the middle of the working day or in the morning of a weekend.

Removing a large contribution

Just to be clear about this, "deletion" here applied to some rough building outlines, that were replaced by official municipality GIS data. That is improvement.

I think you have just got stuck on the word "delete". Every time we improve something we delete what has previously been created.

Removing a large contribution

I agree, without contributors like lorimar, OSM ceases to exist. Stop whining about people adding data. That, if something, scares users away. Also, there isn't much of a Swedish community to talk about, and I informed those on IRC, even if I didn't know about this beforehand. I met lorimar at a GIS meet a couple of days before and discussed it though.

CoreyBurger: do you suggest that you have to ask earlier contributors before you improve on their work? In that case, I think you have misunderstood the wiki idea... If people get angry at other people for improving their work, they shouldn't contribute to OSM.

This Site is really sucking

Actually, I've been very anti-potlatch for a long time, but I've found out that it's pretty convenient to use for drawing large areas like residential borders and such. It doesn't stuck into streets like in Josm, and you never have to upload to redownload new areas. Also, it doesn't eat up all of your RAM. Like every Flash program though, it is a little unstable and I usually edit my stuff and then close the window, without browsing on the web in between...

Drawing houses

Thanks for the positive comments. I'm aware quite a lot of street names are missing. This is because large parts are drawn using Yahoo coverage (I went to school in this town and grew up close to it however, so I know it pretty much by heart), and I thought it would be nice to have all the houses drawn in so that I can number the houses when I'm out checking the street names anyway. I also know that some of the roads are not connecting as they should or are wrongly tagged. This is also something I will fix in spring.

Train stations reworked in Aachen, Germany

I usually have this problem when tagging bus stations. Should every stop in a spread out station count as a single station or should the separate stops just be bus stops? Then how do we decide which of them is the main station? Maybe this could be solved as a relation in some way? It would make sense to create a relation as the bus or train station, and put the separate stops inside that relation. As far as I know, relations don't work that way yet.