Griffith Littlehale

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January 10, 2022

Griffith Littlehale grew up and was raised in Toledo, Ohio, and is a conventional Midwest Americana personality. He graduated in 2018 from St. Francis De Sales High School with one of the highest marks in his class (rank eight). In addition, he was a member of his high school’s swim team, where he was selected an All-American swimmer in 2017-2018. Griffith’s graduation meant a lot more than just passing and finishing coursework.

Griffith majored in psychology in college, with a focus on clinical practice, as evidenced by his current 4.0 PGA at the University of Toledo, where he is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in the subject. Griffith’s early college grades were so good that he was nominated for and won the President’s Education Award for first-year achievement. Griffith’s academic achievements were also honored by the Jesup Scott Honors College and the Kappa Psi Fraternity.

Griffith’s spiritual life has always been an important part of his upbringing and development, so it’s no wonder that he continues to volunteer. He volunteered at local churches during high school, assisting with religious activities and feeding the hungry. Aside from religious work, Griffith has volunteered at United Way food drives and other similar events, as well as looking for other charitable work to do during his school breaks or free time.

While he isn’t thinking about behavioral psychology studies, Griffith practices and trains for his second love, graphic design. Griffith has been refining and honing his design skills using various digital tools and online media as an alternative skill set to his core research specialization. Since he initially obtained work through school-related marketing and campus meetings, Griffith has been creating a portfolio of accomplished professional projects and presentations. His first commissions came from the local community, and he focused on creating event posters for a local theatrical show. Griffith also worked on a local church’s Thanksgiving and Christmas card artwork, as well as their logo design.

Griffith, like most college students of his generation, was exposed to classics during his studies, which aroused his interest in liberal writings like philosophy and poetry. Bret Easton Ellis, as well as Edgar Allen Poe’s remarkable masterpieces, are among his favorite authors. Griffith has also discovered a great desire to immerse himself in the works of Descartes and Oscar Wilde on a regular basis. While Griffith has no plans to pursue a career as a writer, his study of many classics has provided him with vital insights into higher thinking and philosophy.

What do you think Griffith Littlehale has in store for the future? Much will be determined by how things go once he finishes his psychology degree. Clearly, graduate school followed by clinical practice is the standard strategy in the area. There’s also organizational behavior, which is something that organizations are paying particular attention to right now, with workplace diversity being a major priority for many. On the other hand, digital design is in high demand, and Griffith wants to be well-positioned to build a freelancing and, eventually, a steady alternate cash stream in that sector as well. Putting your eggs in more than one basket is never a terrible idea.

Aside from his studies, Griffith has observed how vast and promising the world outside of Toledo, Ohio is. He wants to travel as much as possible, see more of the world, and immerse himself in different cultures. The current world is quite global and international in terms of opportunities, as it is for many young people his age and in their twenties. When his parents and peers were looking for a job, they searched locally and regionally, and certainly never outside the United States. Griffith and his friends are looking beyond their national borders and recognize there are big opportunities in other countries. Spending a few years in a different country is a fantastic learning experience and a pleasant change of pace from our forefathers’ and moms’ conventional paths.

Griffith, like most teenagers, is focused on realizing his portion of the American Dream. A continual barrage of media headlines about how, among other things, younger generations are being priced out of the property market reminds him that his generation confronts considerably more obstacles than his parents or grandparents. He does, however, point out that there are a lot more opportunities for success, as well as new ideas and niches to explore. The potential of what is possible online for his generation is huge when compared to a decade ago. Griffith believes the sector has a lot of potential, both in terms of psychology and graphic design, and he wants to be a part of it as much as possible.