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Sustainable Travel Expenses Resolution – Request for Support over 1 year ago

I support this idea.

Map of turn restrictions almost 9 years ago

Thanks for the excellent tool. It’s helped me spot and fix several broken turn restrictions near to me that have been accidentally broken by subsequent edits.

I wonder whether it might be possible to allow it to be used on one zoom level further out than at present if you’re only looking for errors and warnings? Hopefully errors and warnings only constitute a relatively small portion of the data.

Go Map!! now available in the App Store about 9 years ago

Looks great. I notice that the alpha channel in your app’s icon on my iPhone 3GS doesn’t show properly.

Yawn over 9 years ago

Great. You can see a heat map of it here:

OpenStreetMap Wimbledon. 6 hours to go over 10 years ago

It's been fun looking for tennis courts. It's actually pretty easy -- I've just focussed my search on pretty affluent areas of the countryside where there are likely to be a number of private tennis courts.

The great thing is that my searching has also uncovered quite a number of soccer pitches and bowls greens that I've mapped too.

Yes! almost 11 years ago

Well done on achieving 100%. Do you plan to try to complete your neighbouring districts now?

Gravesham Storming Up the Table almost 11 years ago

It's great to see that the western parts of Kent are rising up the table too. I've been concentrating on the districts in East Kent. Dover district broke the 95% threshold overnight too, and Ashford district shot through the 75% threshold the other day (I think mainly due to mapping by TimSC).

Cycle Parking Heat Map almost 11 years ago

I'm glad that the heat map and the PDF cycling maps are of interest. I created both of them. We hope to publish paper copies of the PDF maps in the not-too-distant future. My main problem is simply finding the time to work on them to see them completed.

Postbox Orienteering Turf Wars over 11 years ago

I'd think that multiple collections might be important for boxes that receive high volumes of mail, to ensure that they don't get full before the end of the day.

Postboxes - what else over 11 years ago

Have you considered that SG5 100 might be something administrative? SG5 1 and SG5 100 both have the description of York Road, Hitchin. That's a pretty short road to justify two boxes.

It also occurs to me that I've found the odd bit of useful information for locating postboxes by looking at the data in the NaPTAN import.

Postboxes - what else over 11 years ago

I should also mention that sometimes you have to do some historical research. There's a box fairly close by that's got the description "Eagle Gates". It turns out that the disused side entrance to a local country mansion (now golf course) has a fancy gate with eagles on it. The box is nearby.

Postboxes - what else over 11 years ago

It took me ages to track down CT3 147. It turned out to be in the side of a farm building that's accessible via a bridleway and a public footpath.

Another postbox that I was after, CT4 263, was in the process of being moved (a friend of mine that works for the Royal Mail gave me this bit of intelligence). So it wasn't at its former location nor its new location for a matter of months. It was frustrating because, though I had a good idea of where it should be, the description could also have meant a number of other places (that's why I ended up asking my friend about it).

CT4 270 also proved a problem for me. I had a good idea where it should be -- there's a hamlet called "Park Gate", RM's description of the box. However I couldn't find it. I finally found a post to which it had been attached (evidenced by the red paint that had worn off the box onto the post) and concluded that the box had been taken out of service -- not surprising as it probably received hardly any post.

I have several others in CT that are proving difficult for me at the moment -- particularly annoying as I'm only 68 boxes away from completing the whole of CT now.

One tip that my friend from the post office was able to use to help me be sure on the CT3 147 box above was to find out which boxes are collected immediately before and after it. That at least pins it down to a likely area. Of course it does help having a friend that does collections for RM... (though it won't help for my latest "issue" boxes, because a different sorting office collects those.)

OS OpenData Street View in JOSM over 11 years ago

Occasionally when I've used them in JOSM I get Exception images too. I think that it's just when the WMS times out, presumably because it's busy producing the tiles for others to view. Usually when I try later it works. In an effort to keep the burden that I create on the WMS to a minimum I try to zoom in quite tightly to just the area I'm interested in -- I can always subsequently pan slightly if I haven't covered quite enough area.

Who killed SG4 69 ? over 11 years ago

On the Dracos site somebody has located that postbox just north of Great Offley:

The location does look a bit odd though, in that it's unlikely to have many people using it at that location. I've encountered a few incorrectly-located postboxes on Dracos before (quite possibly accidentally located there using the site's UI), so perhaps you might want to go and visit the location to verify that it's correct?

How to transfer a osm Map onto my GPS ? almost 12 years ago

As Gnonthgol's comment, but it's gmapsupp.img instead of gmapsup.img.

MAPPY NEW YEAR... about 12 years ago

I presume that you mean registered users? I think we'll exceed that.

Cycle parking: stand types and varieties about 12 years ago

I currently tag with bicycle_parking=sheffield and bicycle_parking=front_wheel. I've not got round to documenting these yet though. I've not distinguised between Sheffield, A-frame, or toastrack stands for my tagging.

Bloody farms about 12 years ago

LOL. This mapping lark can get a bit addictive, can't it?! Good reasoning to go and enjoy the weather when you can; the farms will always be there to trace when you get back...

Newbie about 12 years ago

Welcome to OpenStreetMap. If you've got any questions don't hesitate to ask.

This marked road In Graystone Estates my have a name about 12 years ago

You might find OpenStreetBugs a useful way to keep track of things like this:

Just add a pin to the map at the point that you need to check and place a note what needs to be checked.

If you zoom out several levels you'll see pins that others have added to the map.