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Trying to get on touch with (semi) nearby Belgian mappers

Posted by Glenn Plas on 21 August 2011 in English (English)

I love to get in touch with nearby mappers and talk about conventions, how they solve typical Belgian mapping issues. In case I've added you as a friend, well I know we aren't friends (yet) but I would love to discuss and share ideas, especially map editing.

I'm also interested in analyzing the nature of the participation of individuals for a case study (trying to put OSM data ahead of commercial vendors). I have a feeling that Belgians are way behind in their open initiative. I would expect a lot more mappers in the area.

Professionally, I am the principle designer/programmer of a commercial track and trace system. We've been playing with OSM data since the early days when Belgium was nothing but a green triangle. We currently depend heavily on OSM nominatim reverse geocoding use of OSM data and have noticed serious shortcomings in terms of postal code data for Belgium. I also want to hear other opinions about that (reasons why for example). So we are very much keen on getting clean address data into OSM.

Give me a shout if you feel you have a thing or two to share ;-)

Location: Jaak Lemmenslaan, Zemst, Halle-Vilvoorde, Flemish Brabant, Flanders, 1980, Belgium