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Go Map!! Update and source code availability about 14 hours ago

Bryce, Thanks for moving the code for the best OSM phone/tablet editor over to Github.

Best, Clifford

OSM-Projects 24 days ago

FYI - is basically a demonstration of what routing for people with limited mobility. It only covers Seattle.

Creating Vector Tiles for use with iD 27 days ago

The Vector Tiles Reader is similar to what iD allows you to do, that is read the data from vector tile objects.

GeoServer does have an option to serve vector tiles, but I haven't figured it out yet. It provides the user with an .html object that contains styling for the vectors to render in a browser. The user is able to change rendering on the fly from the browser. From conversations with Brian Housel, I expect the iD development team to add the ability to style the vector tiles in iD at some time in the future.

JOSM 13996 released 3 months ago

I just saw @TheSwavu's post after I created a bug report. The key doesn't work on my linux box or MacBookPro.


Mapbox Satellite 3 months ago

You can also adjust the imagery offset. At the bottom of the background settings on the toolbar is a tool to adjust the image. Ideally you would have a good reference point to adjust the imagery with. If there are many existing objects mapped, you can use them as a reference. (That doesn't make the offset correct, just matches what was used before. I would use extreme caution before attempting to move mapped objects to new imagery.)

How does the OpenStreetMap community perceive gender equity? 3 months ago

@mapeadora thank you and the entire GeoChicas team for work you are doing. This is an important subject. Getting survey data from the community helps us better understand the issues.

When you are ready to publish our final results can you produce the infographic in english? I can understand some of the references, but I'm afraid that I'm missing important detail.

Thanks, Clifford

Is it usually difficult to come to a local concensus on tagging? 4 months ago

Working through disputes is difficult, especially when its a subjective evaluation. You might want to compare your work to how others map similar objects in Newfoundland or in Canada. That would give you a better understanding of what the norm is in your country.

If your province or local government agency publishes open data on roads, you might want to compare how roads are tagged in OSM against the government tagging.

I looked at one of your tertiary classified ways. To me it looked like a highway=service. It extended only a few meters from an unclassified way to a small building.

To me a tertiary in rural areas is a road that connects small villages and hamlets. Around me, a tertiary might have a wider shoulder than an unclassified road, but not always.

adjusting the map to the satellite background 4 months ago

Yes - you can align the imagery with existing buildings and roads. In iD open the imagery panel where you can select different images, scroll to the bottom to the section Adjust Imagery Offset.

Best of luck, Clifford

What is an import? 5 months ago

@Nakaner - At a minimum having a tag: import= should be sufficient. Or even the import page url to simplify getting to the page to see details of the import.

I applaud the effort to use software to detect imports. However, we need to be careful. False positives could cause angry comment directed at the editor who did nothing wrong.


What is an import? 5 months ago

If I use the TIGER background image, provided in both iD and JOSM, to determine geometry as well as road name, is this an import?

2016-2017 Recap 6 months ago

Russ - Thanks for the kind words for the 2016 SotM US in Seattle. Looking forward to seeing you in Detroit. Maybe Milan?


Whats in the next (10.2) Vespucci update? 6 months ago

I should have added a disclaimer. I enable high accuracy, gps, wifi, cell and bluetooth, on my android.

The real problem is a private company, operating multiple monopolies in different areas of business, has unfettered access to such information. We have been reading about Cambridge Analytica this weekend. I'm not surprised, just saddened.

Whats in the next (10.2) Vespucci update? 6 months ago

And in today's news "North Carolina Police Issued Sweeping Warrants to Search Data On All Google Devices Near Murder Scene"

First foray into editing 8 months ago

Welcome to OpenStreetMap.

If you have any questions at all, we can help out: you think you might have broken something, you’re in doubt how to map something particular, or you just want to know more about OpenStreetMap, contact us!

Here are some useful things to get you started:

  • A lot of information about mapping is available on our wiki-pages. If you don’t find how to map something within the editor of your choice, the quickest solution is look at Map Features on the wiki. For more complicated questions you can search in or post on the Help-site or ask the forum.
  • Join the OpenStreetMap US Chapter's Slack. Slack is a collaboration tool for OSM mappers, organizers, and developers.
  • learnOSM is a good place to learn more about OSM. Instructions are available for using the iD browser editor and the more advanced JOSM editor.
  • Pokemon Go players might be interested in these tips
  • If you want to keep up to date on the going-ons in the United States community, follow @OpenStreetMapUS on Twitter or the Facebook Group
  • Or subscribe to the US mailing list.
  • Want to see who’s mapping near you, or want to see how much you’ve been doing yourself, check out the maps at
  • There’s a weekly newsletter about the global community, to which you can subscribe here.

Happy Mapping!

Clifford AKA Glassman @osm_seattle

Quick question about OSM and Discord 8 months ago

Check out the wiki for a list of Discord Accounts for OSM. You could add yours.

Mapping buildings with roofs at different levels from awkward angles 8 months ago

Best practice would be to map the roof line accurately then move the outline to match what you can see where the building sits on the ground.

Search Engine Optimization Destructive Edits 8 months ago

@Nakaner - This changeset by travelodgeseattlecenter removed the building with associated tags and added in a node with minimal tags - certainly not tourism=hotel. They do include a lengthy description=* tag. I don't complain too much about them, they are often helpful when they don't properly tag the business.

Below is a list from that period that we put up for review on the US Slack. Every case where an existing building existed, they removed them.

  • User_name Changeset Id
  • basslake 55319097
  • pheasantrun 55319561
  • pheasantrun 55319614
  • wyndhamgardenchinatownnyc 55679109
  • battlegroundbestwesterninn 55679734
  • themonarchhotel 55679916
  • carmelbestwestern 55680095
  • hiesalinas 55680260
  • innatwilmington 55680585
  • holidaynorwichhotel 55681103
  • rosedaleinn 55682003
  • innatsantafe 55682693
  • elpuebloinn 55683031
  • williamsburgsuiteshotel 55683793
  • fairfaxvahotel 55705164
  • grandatlantahyatt 55706254
  • halfmilefarm 55707197
  • 200main 55707346
  • seattledowntownhousehyatt 55707650
  • villabound 55707870
  • holstonhousenashvillehyatt 55713165
Search Engine Optimization Destructive Edits 8 months ago

@nickjohnson - I wasn't aware of the Hilton account. I sent them a PM asking for more information about what they are doing. If we could convince other business to have a similar function I think OSM would be better off.

Releasing Turn Restriction Detections 8 months ago

Is the node in the map supposed to be selectable to see the detection results?

Lavander Ct is spelled 8 months ago

smb5000 I see you fixed the spelling. Congratulations on making your first edit.

FWI - NE2 changed it from Lavendar to Lavandar almost 6 years ago. He quoted Orange County plat book/page X/144: Azalea Homes Unit Two as his source.