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Welcome Message 12 days ago

We can use all the help with can get. There has got to be something better.

New Telenav tool: Fix missing and wrong one-way streets 24 days ago

Nice fixes. I really like the statistics for the way. Still false positives, but not sure software could be improved anymore. I'm finding two types of false positives, ferry terminals and apartment service roads. At the Clinton Ferry in WA State, people don't drive in the correct lane as they drive onto the ferry. If they did you'd see two way traffic. The apartment service roads just have small amount of traffic. Might be just one person going out/in the same way each time.

One suggestions - please have the orange circle updated as well when the way is either marked as fixed or invalid, similar to Missing Roads.

A Mapper in the Spotlight: Clifford Snow 25 days ago

Seattle has a very active open source geo community. While most are not regular OSM contributors they do participate in project such as our Seattle buildings and address import. More recently we held a HOT mapathon for Nepal. We had a large turnout of GIS professions plus some students. I often provide the quote, for every one hundred people we introduce to OSM, one becomes an active contributor. Of course I pulled that number from thin air, but it feels right.

So while we have an active community in Seattle, it's not typical of the rest of the US. Looking at Washington State, most of the editors are concentrated around the Seattle metropolitan area. The Eastern and Western part of the state need more mappers. My guess is that is true of much of the US. We are OK in big cities but could use more contributors in rural parts of the country.

It's hard to compare Seattle to Belgium. Our Meetup is mostly people from our county which has about 2M people in 6,000 km2 compared to 1.8M people in 1,600 kmĀ² if we look at just Brussels.

Lately I've noticed a number of new mappers that are concentrating on hiking paths. We have some great trails in Washington. If you seen the movie, Wild, the Pacific Crest Trails goes through the state. As far as I know, our meetup group had nothing to do with their interest.

We are trying to get cyclist involved. Seattle has an active cycling community; it is rated in the top 5 nationwide. A couple of us have tentatively been invited to do a presentation at their annual gathering in 2016. Mapillary has offered some bike mounts that we can give away.

Vision? about 1 year ago


Creating a vision is more than just having a Board meeting to brainstorm vision statements. It involves listening to stakeholders, doing surveys, testing ideals, and getting feedback. Did any of that occur in Seattle? Is there any documentation?

Our vision should challenging. The vision will help us set broad goals, such as increase gender diversity, addressing, or substantially increase the number of active mappers. Let's give those goals to the community to find ways to accomplish them. OSMF could help fund those goals

Having goals doesn't impact the mapper that just wants to map their neighborhood. It might mean better tools to help map.


Addresses have a place in OSM. They should be one of our key features much like roads. In some locations, ie. the US, addressing is much easier. Others, such as some Latin American countries, addresses, as we know them, don't exist. That doesn't mean that we shouldn't attempt to find a solution.

OSM POI age of different cities around the world about 1 year ago

Are you sure it is Melbourne Canada? Cout it be Melbourne Australia?

Connecting Communities With Improved OpenStreetMap Credits on Mapbox Maps over 1 year ago

Great improvement. It would be nice to capture number of clicks on "Improve this map" link. It should give us some useful intelligence, such as the percentage clicking on the link and trend charts.


MapBBCode: free maps for everyone about 2 years ago

What a great tool. Thanks!!!

National Park Service Mapping almost 3 years ago

Great to see someone else interested in mapping our National Parks. Most likely there are many people involved, we just don't hear from them.

Take a look at WikiProject US National Parks. The wiki page is a place where we can document tools available to help map the parks. I would appreciate it if you could add your findings about the NPMap team to the page. There is also a link to a NPS icon to OSM tag. It has many holes. Plus we need to get some new tags approved for use. For example ranger station. While we could use some existing tag, it wouldn't all that clear. And hopefully we can use this as a resource to get more people involved.

I was also thinking of proposing to the US community a Mapping Party of parks on June 1-2. This would coincide with the National Day of Civic Hacking.

I'm hoping I can count on your help. I can be reached directly at clifford at

Clifford AKA Glassman

Ugg I screwed up over 3 years ago

Let me know if you need help manually fixing the nodes. Can I suggest a smaller test next time?

Also, I have a list of businesses for the downtown area. Would be nice if we could work together to add know business to the buildings.

Clifford aka Glassman