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Road Segments, naming streets and Town-land boundries 21 days ago

We had a similar discussion last night. Roads connected to landuse. I usually un-glue roads connected to landuse or admin boundaries. It would be great if editors complained when landuse, landcover or boundaries are connected to roads.

HELLO OSM WORLD 27 days ago

Welcome to OSM. I hope you get as much satisfaction from contributing as I do.


Let's Talk Local at the Global State of the Map about 1 month ago

Mikel, Terminology is getting rather confusing. We have Local Chapters and then we have local groups. The two are worlds apart. Local groups organize to improve their community. I can't speak for all the local groups, but I suspect very few have any sort of non-profit status. Local Chapters on the other hand would have a non-profit status, by-laws, members, etc. Local Chapters are organized to put on local State of the Map conferences?

The thing is, we really don't need Local Chapters. We need local groups. Everywhere. Before everyone jumps on me for that statement, consider what we need most. More contributors. Most of those will be the result of local groups.

Let's start by asking "what do we need to do to promote more local groups." Hopefully Local Chapters will step up to play strong role in helping answer that question. But Local Chapters are just part of the answer and maybe not even a critical part.

When we talk local, let's talk local, at the community organizing level.

Like you I really look forward to hearing the outcome of the discussion. Unfortunately, I am unable to attend or would otherwise be happy to participate.

OSM editor for mapping on iOS mobile devices? about 2 months ago

I'll add a third vote for GoMap!! - The developer is always looking to make the app better. On top of that he is an active mapper as well. GoMap!! works for the entire iOS line - iPhone, iPad mini, iPad and iPad Professional.

Philippines Admin 4 Shapefile Data!!!!!!!! 2 months ago

What do you plan to do with all of these admin areas?

Milestone 2 months ago

Way to go. With your list of todo's, signage, buildings, addresses, don't forget sidewalks.

Mapping lake shore 3 months ago

Looks like it could use some refinement, but glad you added the lake.

"Welcome-to-new-mappers" program in the Netherlands comes to an end. 3 months ago

I've been sending welcome messages for sometime. Late last year I modified it after the Belgium communities welcome message and included all new mappers in Washington State. Prior to that it was focused on the Seattle area and the message was to invite them to join our Meetup group.

The response rate is around 7%. I haven't looked to see how many continue to map. My guess is that number is very low.

Your assessment of is right on target. I usually don't bother even sending them a message nor a changeset comment for the less than stellar edits. I'm not blaming the person, but in the hands of a newbie is dangerous. I only hope as the app matures, it also improves. Check out Millions that Don't Care presented by Ilya Zverev,, at the 2016 SOTM-US conference. While I attended the conference, I didn't get to his talk.

I think a better approach than for each of us to send out welcome messages, would be to have a script that automatically sends a message to new uses based on their language and the location of their first edit.


1 million buildings in LA, but what about the community? 3 months ago


Only having the ability to contact one person at a time is very frustrating. We used a room full of volunteers to send message to target mappers to invite them to SOTM-US. We did get results, but it was way to time consuming.

We need the ability to: 1. Allow people to opt-in and out to receiving bulk messages. 2. Let people select interests that would allow bulk messages from others with similar interests 3. Be able to send to geographical areas 4. Send bulk message to people with similar interests. 5. Build in controls to prevent/limit spam messages like are seen on diary pages.

Keep up the great import work.


Cities by only buildings 3 months ago

Jon, Sorry I missed your talk. Can't wait to see the video.

The Latest LA data looks very rich. Do you have a breakdown of building=*?


A look into a sample of edits from MAPS.ME contributors 4 months ago

New users not responding to changeset comments is pretty common, not just MAPS.ME users. I did have one recently respond. They were attempting to add a waterfall. Unfortunately MAPS.ME doesn't have waterfall tags, so it was tagged as an attraction, and not as a node on the waterway.

They did respond, but never took the suggestion of using iD to fix their edit.

Which brings up the issue of tracking of open changeset comments. Would be nice if there were and easy way see changesets with discussions.

Getting to know Openstreetmap 4 months ago

You might want to look on the wiki for how to tag trees.

Notes from OSM-Colorado Saturday Mapternoon May 28, 2016 5 months ago

Sounds like a very productive meetup. Can not wait to hear more about Denver Regional Council of Government plans to import the data.

Creating accurate maps 5 months ago

Mike, Not sure why you got negative responses when asking about OSM and Mapbox products. As you know there areas in OSM that need attention, especially in rural US. Then again, my 2015 Subaru's navigation system is way worse than any OSM map up and down I5 in Washington. My experiences traveling in Costa Rica using OSM data were far better than using Google maps.

There is a Maptime in Eugene. Great place to talk about improving OSM and learning about open source GIS development.\

Carei ... done ! 5 months ago


GSoC Diary 1 5 months ago

Can you post a link to your college campus?

Also - did you see the recent thread on the HOT mailing list asking for people to send in their suggested improvements to iD?

Thanks for working on iD. It has come a long way.


Hadjer Lamis, Chad - Tracing guide (villages and buildings) 6 months ago

Thanks for posting the images. It should be helpful to Missing Maps Mapathons when instructing new mappers.

Have you considered proposing a landuse=compound on the tagging list? The number of compounds would probably be too small for the standard layer. You might be able to convince HOT to add the landuse=compound to the Humanitarian layer.

City Heights, Mapperley Top 6 months ago

I created a business card with my name and "title" Volunteer Contributor to hand out. It not only gives them a way to contact me, is a form (poor) of id, and has information about OSM.

I did run into one site manager that brushed me off with "I'm too busy..." So I left, after taking a picture of the site map. Mostly I run into interested and grateful people, especially business owners who like the thought that their establishment is being added to a map, even if it's one they've never heard of.

You comment The boss administrator turned out to be quite short, which is often a warning sign. left me disappointed.

New York Long Path 6 months ago

Have you checked for Strava gpx points? If it is an active trail, it is likely someone used the Strava app.

Mapping exit numbers on US motorways 6 months ago

Thanks for adding the ref numbers but I'm curious about the noref=yes. Is noref documented in the wiki?