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Updates on image correction. 22 days ago

There’s also Strava heatmap imagery which is more likely to be there than OSM user traces.

or the urls at:

Brands - Buzz Bingo suggestion 25 days ago

I think it would be best if you posted this on the Name Suggestion Index’s github

Even with just the information you’ve posted here someone might be able to add it to the NSI for you.

Though at the moment there’s only 9 instances of amenity=gambling names containing the word Buzz in the UK. Probably some other bingo hall brands are more popular.

Maps of Europe from 1916 about 1 month ago

Please don’t post 78MB worth of imagery in a diary post…

Help required for adding access information to track roads 6 months ago

I think there are two distinct categories of service/track roads in this discussion. As mentioned previously, dead end roads/tracks can usually be accessed by delivery drivers even if there’s a private sign. Though even if there is no road mapped, or it is tagged private - routers for delivery drivers should be able direct them to the closest point on the main road.

In cases where the tracks connect two roads, I would suggest an OSM note could be opened at the location if you don’t have enough information to remotely map access restrictions or other details, so local mappers can help.

And in your example of the connecting track “Williams Road”, looking at imagery and Mapillary/OpenStreetCam for that location shows some blocks placed to prevent access at one end, presumably you don’t have GPS data going along the whole track?

Disputed boundary tagging sprint (2019-03) 11 months ago

Thanks for the work you’ve put into the post, however can I suggest that in future you use different colours than green and red together so that your graphics are accessible to colourblind users?

OSM not loading properly / adding art in architecture 11 months ago

Hi, can I suggest you take a screenshot of the problem, upload it to or similar and post it here?

Einstellung des favorisierten Editors about 1 year ago

Fakt ist das sich der Maintainer von iD nicht an die Gepflogenheiten von OSM hält und sich einen Dreck, um Hinweise und Verbesserungsvorschläge schert.

The fact is that the maintainer of iD does not stick to the practices of OSM and give a shit, to give hints and suggestions for improvement.

Zum Beispiel / For example?

I-285 NOT a tunnel where the Hartsfield-Jackson runway bridge goes over about 1 year ago

The bridge article warns against using both bridge and tunnel tags to describe the situation and it’s absolutely more of a bridge situation than it is a tunnel situation.

At the moment the runway is a bridge as well as the road below being a tunnel - so one of them needs to be changed.

Service Area about 1 year ago

I wonder if perhaps changing to landuse=services would be a better tag for this, to avoid confusion with “service”? Or highway=motorway_services (similar to the motorway_junction tag).

Also, you can use the share option in overpass-turbo to fill in the query for others :)

Januar 12, 13, 14 about 1 year ago
  • When it’s cheaper than other maps?
  • When it shows things that other maps don’t, like paths or new roads?
  • When it allows somebody to quickly fix an error on the map?
  • When it allow people to create a better map of their local area?
How much is too much? over 1 year ago

I was expecting something really busy but that area is far from being too much, it’s mainly just walls and driveways along with the buildings. :)

Have a look at somewhere like Edinburgh, with walls/fences, gardens, trees, buildings, addresses: or Kelso where someone has added areas covering every piece of tarmac:

Although, my only concern about really detailed places is that other nearby places may get neglected (especially if it’s just one mapper) - more people would benefit from two decently mapped places than having one poor and one well mapped.

Take a right on “Too Damn Far Rd” over 1 year ago

I don’t want to discourage your useful work, however I would say that in this case “The Shit” might be a valid name. :-)

It seems to be part of a mountain bike trail in a large forest, and there’s various other names that could be termed as low quality. E.g. “Meth Lab”, “Unemployment Line”, “Ewok Village” etc. In fact, it appears on this map - - so I’d say it should be kept on the OSM map.

Notes in iD have arrived over 1 year ago

I’d say notes (and changeset comments) could do with a notification service on the OSM website - like personal messages - rather than just using emails (as some people have said they went into spam). That way they will get noticed more and conversations can occur.

For notes - there could be status categories which can be selected for each note:

awaiting new imagery - to allow a basic outline of the construction area and/or new roads needs a GPS survey - driving/cycling/walking through needs a full survey - to get all of the street names and details

Why does OSM default render highway=path as a cycleway? over 1 year ago

Surely once you tag a path with bicycle=designated it is no longer just a basic “path” and therefore that information (that it is for bicycles) should be rendered on the map?

... and so it begins over 1 year ago

One issue I have with notes (and changeset comments) is that users are only notified by email or any comments/resolved notes.

Wonder if it would be possible to get an unread notification in the top corner of the website like when a user is sent a message?

Some notes I want to resolve almost 2 years ago

Hi, I notice you have already resolved a few notes, including this one:

This note refers to the tagging on this path: - however you have not edited the map and actually fixed the problem before resolving the note.

Same with this one - - you need to actually edit the map to fix the problem instead of just resolving the note.

National Cycle Routes Dec 2017. about 2 years ago

Richard, I clicked on maldav’s location and saw a note here: - where the Sustrans route differs from OSM.

National Cycle Routes Dec 2017. about 2 years ago

I would be wary of trusting the Sustrans map too much, as when I first began editing cycle routes in my area I noticed some signs on the ground disagreed with the Sustrans map. They corrected their map once I emailed them.

If you can - survey the route, make the changes in OSM and also contact Sustrans if their map is wrong.

Also the 52 route you mention in your note has been renamed to “Former RCN 52” so maybe it’s no longer signposted? (and could maybe be removed if that’s the case).

Don’t forget any changes may take a week or two to show up on Andy’s map.

Achavi Helper Website about 2 years ago

You can use to analyse a changeset. For the bookmarklet - you don’t drag and drop a changeset url, you just click on the bookmark when on a changeset page, which then opens up the first url I posted.

Bing Imagery Quality versus Ersi World about 2 years ago

Yeah the ESRI imagery isn’t as good quality, but in most places it is newer or the same age as the DG imagery. Useful for updating areas marked as construction. With offsets it’s normally a case of aligning back to Bing, especially if there’s no GPS traces to help.