2019 OSM-US Election Position Statement

Posted by Giblet on 29 March 2019 in English (English)

Hello OSM-US!

It was great to hear the news that Maggie Cawley will be serving as the Executive Director of OSM-US, I’m excited to see what ideas and energy she brings to the role. I’ve decided to run for the Board seat that Maggie vacated for a few reasons:

  1. Under the leadership of our new ED, I want to help define the direction of OSM-US

  2. OpenStreetMap has had a temendous impact on my career, and I want to give back in a positive manner to my local OSM community.

Who am I?

In my all day and all night job, I’m a father to two wonderful kids who are sick and tired of my dad jokes. I live with my family in Northern Virginia, but we’re all New Yorkers (upstate) at heart.

In my job that helps pay the bills, I work for Radiant Solutions, focusing on data quality and validation, something which in OSM, I care deeply about. My colleagues are only slightly tired of my dad jokes.

What do I map?

Here’s my HDYC page

I joined the OSM world in 2013 (if you want to see my first edits, I embarrassingly show them off in my SOTM-US talk in Detroit), mapping for the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team’s Typhoon Haiyan response. In two years working with the American Red Cross, I supported local volunteers, all over the world, mapping their communities, leading mapping initiatives in Canaan, Haiti and Binga, Zimbabwe.

As a member of HOT, I try to make time every week for validating and giving feedback to new mappers. Sometimes life gets in the way of mapping, but I’ve grown as a mapper due to my involvement with HOT and it’s community of volunteers.

Of course, here in the US, I typically enjoy mapping places I’ve lived. I’m mostly active in upstate New York where I grew up, but map in Western NY, Central Massachusetts, and in Northern Virginia. I’ve recently increased my participation collecting street level imagery for Mapillary, which (at some point) I’ll get around to adding more detail in my local area.

My daughter has perfected her eyeroll for when a 5 minute walk turns into 30 minutes becuase I’ve decided to add opening hours for businesses in our area.

What would I bring to the board?

During my involvement in OpenStreetMap over the past several years, the community has grown to involve partnerships and collaboration between remote mappers and local communities. I enjoy working with local groups to help people make connections and to ensure that they have the resources they need to map. With the US being so large, finding local mappers to collaborate can be a difficult task, so I’d like to identify barriers to collaboration within the OSM-US community to address and make the community feel more like a community.

Working with HOT, I collaborated with my peers to write a strategic plan for the organization. With Maggie as OSM-US’s new ED, our organization is in a great position to grow, and so I would like to work with Maggie, the board, and the membership to better define our goals moving forward.

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