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Open Data Day 2018

Posted by GellieA on 5 March 2018 in English (English)

As we all celebrate Open Data Day 2018, mapping enthusiasts and volunteers gathered and held events all over the world to celebrate this event. I had the chance to attend an event in San Juan, PH to volunteer and give a talk about features of OpenStreetMap. Open Data had been very useful in all aspects and the progress in its objective in mapping the whole world and providing this data for all users had been evident over the years. Beginner workshop on OSM editing using iD-editor The event had been a venue to meet other mappers and to share existing developments in Open Data, which are included in the workshops as well as different projects and efforts made by volunteers through the lightning talks. Beginner workshop on OSM editing using iD-editor I had a chance to help in assisting a workshop for beginners on iD-editor and HOT OSM Tasking Manager. So glad to have shared insights with them, and to discuss interest in maximizing the use of Open Data in their respective fields.

Location: Addition Hills, District 2, San Juan, Metro Manila, Philippines