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Extremely detailed mapping of shopping center

Here is the rendering on indoor=

A heat map and a new styling for indoor=

@ToniE This should be fixed now!

A heat map and a new styling for indoor=

@ToniE Thanks! You are right for the bug, I’ll take a look.

A heat map and a new styling for indoor=

@CjMalone Meadowhall looks really nice. Good job!

The showcase is extracted from this list from the wiki. Add it there and it will appear on indoor=.

A new version of indoor=

@gileri Thanks!

A new OpenStreetMap Indoor Viewer: indoor=

Hi Rovastar,

a) Levels display for shops, etc You don’t seem to have any levels for say shops on the general map eg (one of your examples) At level -4 I would not expect to see any shops (unless they were on level -4) but they are all displayed

You are right. This is because I use a basemap that display shops by default. I should use one that render nothing by default I guess.

b) You only seem to have the option for the “levels” when there are indoor features. I do get that but in area as where detailed indoor mapping has not been achieved but say you have multiple things on multiple levels could you display something there showing things are possible.

Do you some a place in mind that I could take a look to better understand your needs?

c) You only have the “levels” map selection available when you hit zoom 17 or higher. Can you not make it lower?

The vectors tiles are rendered only at zoom 17, so the level selector works only at this zoom level. At lower zoom, the area are simplified and the rendering is not nice.

d) and related to c) can you not somehow indict that if you zoom in it will display indoor mapping features?

Yes this is something I should do.

Montrouge à 360° avec Mapillary

hi @zigi,

Part of the work is still in review. See

I hope to get it merged soon.

Commerces à Arzon

Beau boulot !

Pour faciliter la manipulation avec OsmAnd, je recommande d’utiliser les actions rapide. Pour l’activer Menu -> Configurer l’écran -> Action rapide. Ensuite il faudra rajouter une action de prise de note avec photo

Cela me fait gagner beaucoup de temps en ayant un certain nombre d’action pré-définit. Je click sur le bouton action rapide, je positionne le curseur et je choisis l’action.

Montrouge à 360° avec Mapillary

Merci Stéphane. C’est prévu pour Janvier !

Montrouge à 360° avec Mapillary

Hi @voshix and thanks!

Did you fix the selfie stick to your body ?

I tried but it didn’t worked

It looks as you used sometimes a scooter or bicycle? Did you fix the selfie stick to the scooter/bicycle?

I believe we were walking all the time. Do you have a specific sequence to check that?

How sensitive is the result to keeping the camera/stick always vertical?

It’s not always ideal when you are looking at the full sequence, but it’s not a big problem to extract data from them afterward.

Do you have documentation for the modification of JOSM and of the photoadjust plugin?

I have a special fork of JOSM and the plugin to share if you want. But I’m working on a real patch to allow multiple selection of images. I hope to have a final version in january.