Mapping Zirl in 2012 - A Résumé

Posted by Fonmou on 22 December 2012 in English (English)

In February I boldy announced my plan to map my hometown during the year, and I think it is time to look back at how everything worked out. First off: I did not get to complete my plans, nevertheless there were many changes to Zirl and the surrounding area that improved the map a lot:

  • Most of the buildings in Zirl have been drawn from aerial images. Some of them by me, but many of them also by other friendly helpers (thanks!)
  • I did some ground sourveys as well, which allowed me to correct the shape of buildings if necessary, add address tags and some other information like points of interest. I only managed to do this for a couple of streets, but it has clearly shown me that drawing buildings from an aerial images is not enough.
  • In April user mariusmueller added address tags from a goverment database called Tiris. At first I was not sure if this was ok copyright-wise, but since has now added "Land Tirol" to it's copyright page, everything should be ok. Thanks mariuesmueller for your help!

So what is left to do? Buildings and addresses have been added, but a ground survey to verify building shape, addresses, etc. and to add other points of interest (shops, fire hydrants, parking spaces, ...) is still needed. So my plan for 2013 is to do just that.

Location: Thomasegg, Zirl, Innsbruck-Land, Tyrol, 6170, Austria

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