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Call for ideas from Microsoft

In regard to missing addresses, as mentioned by Tastrax ^.

Here in Australia, & I’m sure in other places, we have access to some Government data, but other departments refuse to allow us permission to use their data, often as they’re apparently scared / confused by the requirement to agree to allowing use under ODbL.

I would think that Microsoft would have a LOT bigger pull than OSM! :-), so it would be great if you could access even just street number data worldwide, & feed that into OSM, possibly by RapiD?

That would help solve one of the major problems with use of OSM for navigating - not being able to find the address you want to go to.

🌂 The Past, The Present, The Future

I’m sorry to see you leave, NC, hope you’ll be back one day, & would like to thank you for your many contributions to OSM.

I also hope that your reverter will stay operational?

League Table of World Countries and the Quality of the OSM Mapping for those countries/ entities.

Yeah, it’s terrible when life keeps getting in the way of fun, isn’t it? :-)

No problems with anything you said - I also wasn’t concentrating on Africa to the exclusion of all others, it was just a handy example.

Maybe it also needs a Forum post to get the question out to the wider community?

Good luck with it! :-)

League Table of World Countries and the Quality of the OSM Mapping for those countries/ entities.

Nice idea, but what do you call “quality”?

Is it simply the number of things mapped in a country, or how well the limited amount of mapping has been done? (which is not something a remote mapper can tell).

I have seen comments “recently” on the Forum, from African mappers, concerned about overseas mappers, often working via HOT programs, overriding what local mappers have done, because “we’re from a big country so we obviously know better” :-(

Other comments with regard to Maxar disappearing have said that the alternative imagery is ~6 years out of date, so villages & towns frequently don’t even appear, again leading to remote mappers deleting things that locals have mapped from their local knowledge! :-(

Your list of questions should possibly be re-arranged to make Q1: “How do we talk to local communities to find out what help they need, if any”?

How to Use OSM Channel Data for Effective Communications


& when the wiki says: 19th January 2023 – 10,000,000 registered users, then it shows that “hardly anybody” uses any of the comms channels :-(

Especially when you consider that “most” people will post on both, so 3039 & 1697 really probably only = 2000 individuals :-(

How to Use OSM Channel Data for Effective Communications

Question for you, please, Courtney.

When you said: “Posters 3,039 in community forums 1,698 in mailing lists Channel activity is driven by a few frequent posters.” are people who have posted either in multiple channels, or frequently in one channel, counted once only here or multiple times?

e.g. I post in the Forum, various mailing lists & on Discord, so if I’ve posted 150 times across all of them, 50 in each, does that leave 3038 / 1697 other posters, or 2989 (2939?) “forums” & 1648 lists?

Social Mapping of Hyde Park

Good on all of you! That park is amazing :-)

How to tag a corral?

I raised a similar question a few years ago as well:

Suggestion made then was:

Seen on my (virtual) travels 2. Modern Stone Circles

What’s the difference that you see between estate agents?

osm-revert: A faster and smarter way to revert changesets on OpenStreetMap

Just tried it, including with multiple Changesets - amazing! :-)

Is there a limit on how many it can do at once?

How to attract girls to map with OpenStreetMaps?

Just for interest’s sake, would “Queen Street” count?

Newspaper article about crannog discoveries

But then they include imagery from G Maps! :-(


“A lot of people are consumers and don’t participate, then they come and tell me like “map sucks”.. And I would want to tell them “so contribute, so it doesn’t suck” but I never tell them”

You should!

Suggest to them that they set up their own account & fix whatever the problem is that’s bugging them. You can even offer to walk them through that first edit!

& if that person then helps another person … :-)

Please keep doing what you’re doing, because it’s always appreciated, even if nobody actually says so directly to you!

Archaeological Discovery


Identifying and adding missing pedestrian accessways in Auckland

“I map it as a highway=footway”

Do you also include bicycle:yes, as it would appear that you could also ride through those paths?

& thanks for the explanation of how to view Strava :-) I’ve been wondering how to do that?

Russian–Ukrainian war

Just an idle thought - if the Russians are actually using OSM for targeting & planning purposes, wouldn’t it be a good idea to go in & offset all the locations by “100m” in random directions?

OSM Notes in Australia

Andres - Yep, a number of “interesting” things were found! Only too happy to talk any time you wish.

Stevea - Thanks :-)

OSM Notes in Australia

Only too happy to oblige, so added above,

Oh, incidentally, 1532! :-)

Mapping Houses in Palm Beach, Australia

G’day YC & welcome!

Yep, I’m also on the GC & have been mapping round the place for several years now.

One of last year’s (ongoing!) projects was adding street numbers the full length of GC Hwy, & I also did Jefferson Lane & The Esplanade through Palmy, which will cut things down a bit for you! :-)

I did speak to Council a couple of years ago & we have express permission to use both the City Plan, which lists all street numbers, & also their Open Data which has all sort’s of goodies included such as Parks.

If you have any questions, please give us a yell.

Keep mapping & have fun!

Meetup in Claremont (Western Australia)

Good work, Sam & group!

Another option is to pre-split the area into a number of equal blocks, print out Field Papers for each of them & each person / group notes down “everything” they can spot in their area, then inputs it all later.