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July 29 days ago

“A lot of people are consumers and don’t participate, then they come and tell me like “map sucks”.. And I would want to tell them “so contribute, so it doesn’t suck” but I never tell them”

You should!

Suggest to them that they set up their own account & fix whatever the problem is that’s bugging them. You can even offer to walk them through that first edit!

& if that person then helps another person … :-)

Please keep doing what you’re doing, because it’s always appreciated, even if nobody actually says so directly to you!

Archaeological Discovery 3 months ago


Identifying and adding missing pedestrian accessways in Auckland 4 months ago

“I map it as a highway=footway”

Do you also include bicycle:yes, as it would appear that you could also ride through those paths?

& thanks for the explanation of how to view Strava :-) I’ve been wondering how to do that?

Russian–Ukrainian war 4 months ago

Just an idle thought - if the Russians are actually using OSM for targeting & planning purposes, wouldn’t it be a good idea to go in & offset all the locations by “100m” in random directions?

OSM Notes in Australia 5 months ago

Andres - Yep, a number of “interesting” things were found! Only too happy to talk any time you wish.

Stevea - Thanks :-)

OSM Notes in Australia 5 months ago

Only too happy to oblige, so added above,

Oh, incidentally, 1532! :-)

Mapping Houses in Palm Beach, Australia 6 months ago

G’day YC & welcome!

Yep, I’m also on the GC & have been mapping round the place for several years now.

One of last year’s (ongoing!) projects was adding street numbers the full length of GC Hwy, & I also did Jefferson Lane & The Esplanade through Palmy, which will cut things down a bit for you! :-)

I did speak to Council a couple of years ago & we have express permission to use both the City Plan, which lists all street numbers, & also their Open Data which has all sort’s of goodies included such as Parks.

If you have any questions, please give us a yell.

Keep mapping & have fun!

Meetup in Claremont (Western Australia) 6 months ago

Good work, Sam & group!

Another option is to pre-split the area into a number of equal blocks, print out Field Papers for each of them & each person / group notes down “everything” they can spot in their area, then inputs it all later.

Beginner's discoveries: Victoria, Australia 8 months ago

G’day TND & welcome to OSM!

Pretty awesome start you’ve made in your first little while! :-)

Could I suggest signing up to the Oz Talk mailing-list at, which will let you chat to other mappers in Oz (including quite a few in Vic)?

Please keep going as you are, & keep having fun!

Changing the proposal process from "For/Against" to "pick you preferred option" almost 2 years ago

What then happens when you have a 2 or 3 way tie, with the same number of votes for each option?