FDA Prior Notice

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November 17, 2021

By US FDA regulations , you always need a FDA Prior Notice confirmation before the shipment enters the US to avoid abandonments, returns or delays. Now it is easy to get FDA Prior Notice Form & FDA Approval for less than $1, Buy 2 Get 1 Free . Automatic free credit topup to account . No code require . If you have a lot of food shipment to U.S. , you’re courier service provider , cloud shipping platform , freight forwarder , shipping agent or you’re looking to incorporate our automated “U.S. FDA Prior Notice” system into your existing system or your’re looking for a better price on large quantities, please contact us. FDA.Express is a part of our corporate service that operates under two companies. One is KARTONEXPRESSUS LLC, which is registered in the USA, and the second is KARTONEXPRESS (THAILAND) CO.,LTD. which is registered in Thailand. We focus on services that make cross-border e-commerce smoother than before.