Mapper since:
September 07, 2014

Maps around the Greater Toronto Area & second-highest in notes around the Greater Toronto Area - especially active around Toronto (North York especially), Mississauga & Southern Hamilton.

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229 edits as of Wednesday August 24, 2016 (excluding empty edits).

I’m on 1,121 notes worldwide, as of Wednesday August 24, 2016 (about 0.16% of all notes worldwide, and about 47.85% of my notes are unresolved).

I’m an OSM contributor that tries hard to help OpenStreetMap, and I hope no one’s unhappy with my edits.

I believe most of my efforts help, although some of my past efforts to help OSM may be misunderstood by some.

That’s happened three times before, and are the reasons why Active Blocks appears (here they are):

The first one was the “fictional roads in Antarctica” thing, which was a misunderstanding, I wasn’t tagging the roads properly, and was sourcing from Google Maps, which I thought OSM can source from at the time. So they weren’t “fictional roads”. I never added anything fake or fictional to OSM. I was just an inexperienced user.

And the country admin_levels thing was because constituent countries should be classified as admin_level=2, not admin_level=4.

The second one was when I was trying to add the names of Canada, Morocco, and Eritrea in languages with significance in the countries (for example, adding Eritrea in Tigrinya).

The third one was when I was creating notes for “fixing” the EU (it should be admin_level=1, relations should be ways in a relation), and, without me knowing, was told to stop.

So those times are why Active Blocks appears, even though I was trying to help. This is all in the past, though, as I’ve cleared things up with SomeoneElse and listened to his advice (that I should map locally instead). Ever since, I’ve been doing just that, contributing small (but useful) amounts of data to OSM nearly every day of the year, without accidentally drawing in controversy.

I’m telling this so people don’t think of me wrongly. I never add anything fake or fictional to OSM.

So if there are any problems, please send a message to me.


- EzekielT :).