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Experience about 11 years ago

Harry, english is not my first language, but I think it will be extremely hard to prove that this is the original reason for arrest.. They asked me some questions which were not related to the complaint and one of those was - can I prove that the bike belongs to me. And at that point of time I just forgot that I have insurance for the bike. The answer was: "Most likely not". This was the green light to arrest me. Later after checking bicycle (and it is "clean"), they decided to visit my flat and it was a point of time when I've got a message about suspicion in burglary.
richlv, I decided not to go for media, but I'll make an official complaint.

Experience about 11 years ago

Hawkeye, I gave them my user name, so they could check that I'm not a liar and someone in the police station did check it, and this is still being on the street... What I found so far - very little people know about OSM and some people whom I told about it asked me why do we need it, if we have google maps already ? :)
Robert, I used my notebook at that moment, but I also had a GPS and camera with me. I showed them everything and described it completely :)
Tom, thanks, I'll talk tomorrow to my employer, we for sure have a solicitor.
Kenguest, very usefull, I'll order some, thanks.
netman55, the link you provided is very helpfull, main things are covered, thanks.

Mapping the streets is a real fun, whether mapping the house numbers is like a hunting - label size, shape and colours are not standardised. Sometimes this hunting leads me to nice places, sometimes to nasty.. So I've being asked many times for what I'm doing. Unluckily this time things just turned up side down. Actually it could be worse if I would have my bicycle repair kit, it does contain some sharp and suspicious instruments :) Anyway it is kind of life Experience, any such an Experience finally will be remembered much longer than everyday meals :)

Experience about 11 years ago

The problem for me is that once you are in a police DB with all your photos and fingerprints and DNA example taken, you will be there for all times. Do you think anyone will benefit from the official complaint? Most probably it will be just another waste of police time and taxpayers money and my record will still remain in DB... I would rather like to see the "neighbourhood watcher" to be processed the same way as me. His behaviour was also "dodgy" (as one of the policeman commented my actions). And yes, I had yellow cycling jacket :)

Я здесь! about 11 years ago

Удачи !!!

Action Arrow 100 almost 12 years ago

Matthew, don't take personal if you are working on Buckinghampshire area. The only thing I tried to say was - it is still so much to do for all of us... And I think any information on the map is valuable, regardless of what it is - pub/road/school/post office/bus stop/etc... All this together makes the map. search plugin almost 12 years ago

Probably it is not giving anything new. MyCroft have tons of Firefox search plugins and I hasn't found this search plugin there. Just a guess, what you desribed is a mediawiki feature?

Pedestrian Overlay map? A map for walkers? about 12 years ago

FYI, There is better public transportation map, but only for Europe:

How I manage to do it about 13 years ago

I have same problem and recently started to go through all my track from very beginning to very end, opening each photo I have taken sequentially. After all I'm doing double check, following the way second time. Still sometimes I can miss something or if I was lazy to take some reminder picture I forget about minor changes that could be done.