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Hace falta mapear el área del Parque Natural del Alto Tajo

closed 3118064 TBKMrt

Hello ESP OSM people!
I have found a few items on Wikidata and I'm not sure on which structure would be the right one.
1) Valley of the Fallen - Q940833: Is it really only this building, or should is it the entire complex? Should maybe all building collected in a relation?
2) Abbey of the Holy Cross of the Valley of the Fallen - Q43127829: What buildings/parts of the area should be tagged with it?
3) Cross of Valle de los Caídos - Q56006134: From images it looks like the building this note is placed on is the actual cross. An alternate solution could be to place a single node in the middle of the building.
4) Tomb of José Antonio Primo de Rivera - Q56006309: It seems like this tomb is somewhere underground. Not sure if there is or should be a note for that.
5) Pontifical Basilica of the Holy Cross - Q56006059: What part of what building belongs to this item? Is it only some underground area? Is it the entire outside?
6) Pietà - Q56006246: Seems to be placed outside, but I have no idea where it is. Could be added as node.

Thank you to all ESP OSM people who help!

closed 3385186 Elmo12

There is a problem here with the farmland. Both farmlands should meet at the same point as they meet east of the small natural wood patch.

closed 3315400 Elmo12

El área residencial corresponde a la zona de urbana de Catastro

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