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Cleaning up large, untagged ways 4 months ago

Thanks for this useful tip richlv!!

Announcing Daylight Map Distribution over 1 year ago

Esri has a new basemap out based on daylight. Great seeing this collaboration, and more OSM in the GIS world:

Mapping Baltimore City's Storm Drains over 1 year ago

@Glassman, these all go direct into the Harbor. There was no stormwater management regulations when all of this stuff went in.

How to improve OSM road data with Mapillary about 5 years ago

Thanks for writing this Nuno!

Routing — circular junctions over 5 years ago


Thanks for the post and for looking at the one in Baltimore. Can you double check that this oval roundabout in Towson is tagged correctly? This one has multiple lanes in places.

Mapping Baltimore Buildings in 3D over 5 years ago

Simon: thanks for the comment and sharing the map! I did see the reference to F4 on the page but on the wiki I only saw screenshots. Looks impressive!

The original one didn’t load in my area. I’ll investigate.

Highway shields, state by state almost 6 years ago

Any best practice suggestions for US State refs? In Maryland we’re doing MD xx on refs, as well as most relations.

Also, I’ve never fully understood the reasoning to have the tagging on both the ref and relation. Do any major renders / routers use the route relation tagging over the segment refs?

1 million buildings in Los Angeles almost 6 years ago

Great work so far!

The building heights are especially cool. Do you know of any documentation or tools to use newer data to update building heights for existing buildings? This would be cool to do elsewhere.

Also, thanks for pointing out the replace geometry tool. I didn’t know that existed.

My christmas gift for the OSM Community - JOSM Keyboard Shortcuts Cheat Sheet 300 DPI over 6 years ago

Thank you for making this. Great work!

Broadway Alley, NYC over 6 years ago

Thanks Ian.

I found that by doing a OSM Turbo query, there are indeed very few alleys in the Manhattan borough.

Mapillary Bike Ride in my Neighborhood over 7 years ago

Steven, glad you found the post! The topeak case is pretty great for this (considering they probably didn’t design it to be a bikecam). You can rachet it down really tight so it won’t move at all.

The nice thing about it is the case for the phone is one with the mount so there’s no wiggle room at all. With universal cases there’s usually some kind of spring or clamp to hold it there. That might work for smooth rides but if you fall or hit a bad bump it could slide out. I’ve dropped the bike and the phone didn’t come out of the mount.

I had used an iPhone 5 for the ride and I wasn’t going very fast. Average speed 10mph, just a casual cruise. I was more focused on not running over put holes I think.

I’d like to get a gopro one day because I think they’re better on the blur aspect, though my new iPhone 6 plus with optical image stabilization may fare better on bumpy roads. I haven’t tried it on the bike because I don’t have a Topeak mount for the big iPhone yet.

Cheers, Elliott

Mapillary Bike Ride in my Neighborhood over 7 years ago

Thanks Peter. This reminds me that I need to write a piece on using that bike mount. It is just very cold out right now and I haven’t been on the bike much :)

Mapillary Bike Ride in my Neighborhood over 7 years ago

@bigopenmac. Thanks! Great idea. I’ve tried it in my car but the images are usually too blurry unless the lighting is really good. I’ll try it on the bicycle though because perhaps the slower speed will result in better photos. I also put the Garmin Virb on my Christmas wish list ;)

Continuing new status... about 9 years ago

Good work in NYC! I’ve been doing some bus routes in Baltimore. Check it out the area on OSM and the wiki, which needs an update. I’d love to collaborate and chat about some lessons learned from your project. I was just at SOTM US.

A Brief Dalliance with Imports over 9 years ago

Phil. Great intro to some of the issues with that data. I work for Baltimore County GIS, and have spoke at length with my colleagues downtown about importing some data to OSM. They confirmed with legal that the data is in public domain, but that they’re planning to update OSM on their own. I haven’t seen any such project yet, and have uploaded some data here and there to test. I’ll let you know if I hear anything else.