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End of Newton Mearns mapping for now about 5 years ago

Well, there is an awful lot of work to do yet, even in Crookfur. I am in France once again in cold weather. I am only a fair weather mapper so awaiting some warmer weather before doing much more. Thanks for your interest.

End of Newton Mearns mapping for now over 5 years ago

Hi Hawkeye, thanks for the compliment, but I am just an amateur and by no means a dedicated mapper. I do what I can, when I can, in my local area. I have tried to encourage my friends to contribute but most of them are not too computer literate and feel it is too complex for them to manage.

I will think about coming across to Edinburgh in December but that depends on wife, travel etc.

Back in Newton Mearns over 5 years ago

Sanderd17 - thankyou for the clarification. I use JOSM for all my edits but view in other renderers to look at the result (OSM and openlinkmap). So far the way I have been doing numbering is to give one house in a street its full address including street, city etc. Then do a copy of the house. Then select all the houses that I will number and do a "paste tags" i.e. they then have the full address but all the same house number. Then go through and fix the house numbers. A tad tedious, but it does work. I think I will continue like that in the light of your comments.

I think I will start using your technique for "no exit" on the end node of a cul de sac.


Back in Newton Mearns over 5 years ago

Sanderd17, I looked at what you did on the url you gave. It is very nice. I am still learning. I noted a couple of things:

  1. Your houses are members of "associated street". I am a novice and have never done that. Do you do that all the time and is it used by any renderer yet? I tend to put the full address including country etc on every house; not that it is difficult but I note that you only put number and street on. I suppose I should check what others are doing as well to be consistent.

  2. for "no exit" you tag the end node of a way. I have been tagging the way. The advantage of yours is that at least you can see the result in Josm whereas I cannot see any such markers on ways. I think i might change to your scheme.

So thankyou for your input

Back in Newton Mearns over 5 years ago

Hi Sanderd17, I had no idea that 13s were so unpopular thanks for the pointer on how to look things like that up (I didn't know it could be done). However, it is not the first problem I have struck. I started numbering the houses in Anvin, France. Use openlinkmap and search for "anvin station, france". Zoom in and look at the house numbers opposite the station (it is all I have done at the moment). Now THAT is what I call tricky to map - you just gotta visit or spend ages with the cadastre.

I feel like a vandal over 5 years ago

(I know, a bit late) Wouldn't it be great (thinking of the future) if, instead of deleting things we could just add tags "demolished:date" and for the new items "constructed:date" then change the normal searches to "now" and leave the options open for "state at date X" - yeah I know, too complex.