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Tracks and rights of way over 12 years ago

I think one should use designation=x for the legal status, for example
designation=public_footpath. For a road that exists legally but not physically,
I suppose you could just tag designation and nothing else (though I haven't
done so until now).

Please help checking country node positions of African states over 12 years ago

What editor can be used to change or move these country nodes? I normally use
Merkaartor but I wouldn't want to download the whole country to search for the
node that has the country name.

Captain's log, Star Lane 2010.06... almost 13 years ago

@LivingWithDragons: why yes, how did you know?

Things on either side of a street over 13 years ago

Richard: I assumed that the people writing the wiki were just documenting a policy that had already been agreed by Those In Charge. It's quite possible for something to be deprecated but still widely used - that is kind of the meaning of deprecated.

If in fact abutters is not deprecated, and contributors are encouraged to continue adding new abutters tags to the data, then could you or someone who knows about these things fix the wiki documentation so it doesn't confuse people?

Things on either side of a street over 13 years ago

According to , abutters= is deprecated. I think there is no way to tag the fact that the area near a road is industrial apart from creating a new area and tagging that.

For the street market I will just remove the landuse tag attached to the way. It is already marked pedestrian.

Things on either side of a street over 13 years ago

Thanks for pointing that out. I don't believe it covers this case. It explains a way of tagging a building to associate it with an existing street, but here a single street in the map effectively has three names: its road name, the postal street name for the houses on the left, and the postal street name for the houses on the right. I don't want to create three ways on the map, however, because it is just a single road on the ground.

Silverlight EastEnders over 13 years ago

Which version of Silverlight is required - 1 or 2? I would also like to try it with Moonlight.

First map update over 13 years ago

Thanks for the tip. I haven't had much luck with Aosm; it just brings up a grey screen and gets stuck at 'searching for satellites'. (Google Maps on the same device works.)

I have signed up for gpsed but that is more for making GPS tracks. Since I live in London and most of the streets are already on the map (they just need to be named) this isn't so useful.

I may just buy a printer and continue printing out maps and writing in the street names with a pencil. Is there a mapnik-based OSM client you can run locally to generate maps of an area rather than using the website?