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May 24, 2022

Livingood graduated from Atlanta’s Life University with a PhD in chiropractic medicine. Livingood graduated in 2009 and was granted licensure by the state of North Carolina, allowing him to open Triangle Health Center and begin treating patients. Blake Livingood retired from clinical practice in 2021 to devote his time to assisting individuals across the country.

Then, in 2018, Livingood published Livingood Daily, his first book and first #1 Amazon Best Seller, to spread his expertise beyond his clients to international audiences. Make Food Simple, a recent Amazon Best Seller co-authored by Livingood and his wife Jessica, continues to provide current knowledge. Livingood hopes that by writing these accessible publications, as many individuals as possible, particularly those with chronic health concerns, would learn that nutrition is a viable alternative to some modern medical treatments.

Livingood expanded his brand after the success of his practice and educational books. In 2018, Livingood established, his first website and brand. In 2019, he launched a new website for his health and wellness firm, Livingood Daily. Livingood delivers nutritional and natural health information to those who may not be able to access his profession or books through his websites and blog.

This website is also used by Livingood to promote their Livingood Daily products, which include daily vitamins and functional food bars that boost joint and immune system function, heart health, and stress management. The Livingood Daily Lifestyle, a monthly challenge-based membership, teaches people how to be their own health solution. To assist consumers keep on track with their health goals, the website also provides tools like advanced health training, 10 Minute Workouts, and downloadable guidelines and recipes for healthy meal preparation and snacking.

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