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Thing that drives me crazy over 5 years ago

I think it's Java's fault since I've heard someone else mention it happening on their Mac, and presumably not on their Windows box. I don't recall seeing any errors appear in Terminal when this happens.

surprising coicidence over 5 years ago

I should have mentioned that I was marking highways=track based on Bing! imagery; it's hard to tell whether cars are OK or not.

Pacific Crest Trail over 7 years ago

I wouldn't necessarily believe a single GPS track is more accurate than the original data. Hike (or drive or ride) a loop a few times and look at the resulting data. In my experience, they are close but aerial imagery is better.

I don't know whether a super-relation would solve your problem or not; they seem to be a work in progress.

Why not upload shorter hikes too?

deleting co-located nodes almost 8 years ago

The only nodes I join are highway= nodes that are supposed to intersect (see

I really don't like having area nodes (like city limits) joined to other nodes (like highways). It's really hard to make a change to one without affecting the other. For example, the city limit follows a freeway that is later split into two one way tracks. Now moving either half of the freeway moves the city limit.


Most accurate map around! about 8 years ago

Is that because you did the work or OSM is correct already?

Today Manhattan, KS, tomorrow the world.

who doesn't like secondary roads in Portland, OR? over 8 years ago

The problem is roads which used to be tagged secondary, for example, SW 185th, SW Murray, SE Cesar E. Chavez, SW Stafford, E & W Burnside, are now tertiary. What happened to all of the primary roads?

finding and fixing OSM bugs over 8 years ago

@Vclaw: Yes! that's exactly what I need. Thanks.

finding and fixing OSM bugs over 8 years ago

I should have been more clear. Keepright has a JOSM and a Potlatch option for fixing errors. While my Mac has JOSM as a standalone bundle, choosing the JOSM option in Keepright does nothing, presumably because it's trying to launch the "JOSM in a browser" version...right?

ski runs at Timberline Lodge over 8 years ago

@G3YAC: If you use the 'name' tag, you'll get a nice rendering in Openpistemap. Unfortunately, the other renderers will display the name with no route, which leads to this floating name in the forest.

The tagging makes sense as some of the pistes are roads in the summer. On Timberline, that would be parts of West Leg Road.

US 287 From Loveland to Longmont. over 8 years ago

Your coordinates appear to be somewhere in Mongolia.


a quick way to add a tag to a bunch of points over 8 years ago

That's what I get for not having auto-complete in my diary. :) Yes, turning_circle.

driven to details almost 9 years ago


Have you seen the natural=tree tag?

bulk entry idea almost 9 years ago

Is there some clarification on the OSM wiki regarding Wikipedia locations? I'd really prefer not having to dig through mail list archives for answers.


yet more on highway=footway almost 9 years ago

Sorry, not to knock the other 49 states. :) I'm under the impression that the various regions tend to do things similarly based on what the local map looks like. It seems pretty difficult to get the entire state/country/world to agree on the same standards. Maybe that's another diary entry.

new tags in Mapnik almost 9 years ago

Thanks for the comments!

davetoo: You could add access=private. Is it really a race track if it doesn't have races on it?