Keepright trends in my area

Posted by Dion Dock on 7 May 2013 in English (English)

All mappers, particularly newbies, should take a look at for sources of maplint.

I've noticed two maplint trends in Oregon: a) A bunch of "This node is not a member of any way and does not have any tags." Presumably, this lint was left behind after The Great License Change redactions. It seems like it would be a good thing to have a bot go through OSM and remove points that fit this description. Why is that not a good idea? b) I've seen a lot of people creating areas (playgrounds, buildings) then giving one of the nodes the tags. No no no. I believe if a business occupies an entire building, it's OK to tag the building, not just a node. In the case of playgrounds, it makes no sense at all to create an area then tag a node.

Anyone seen trends in their area?

Comment from AndrewBuck on 7 May 2013 at 19:17

Having a bot remove single nodes is not a good idea. The redaction bot left those nodes behind on purpose, to help future mappers re-create the missing data. There were pros and cons but the debate was had and ultimately decided to do it this way. It is good that you are interested in seeing them cleaned up, but unfortunately a careful manual approach is needed, not just a quick bot run.

Regarding the node in a building thing, I agree and I think that is the general consensus as well. If you try out josm, you should check out the 'replace geometry' function in utilsplugin2 is very good for "upgrading" nodes into areas.


Comment from poppei82 on 7 May 2013 at 22:22

Perhaps the newbies are also interested in how to solve the various keepright problems (examples+screenshots). However the guide still waits for translation from German language:

I can also suggest the new QA Tools Script which makes keepright usable within JOSM:

Have fun. :-)

Comment from Wynndale on 8 May 2013 at 12:00

The orphaned nodes were left in after redaction to help people regenerate the map by linking them with new ways but they probably aren’t as useful several months on. Talk about it first on your local mailing list (talk-us) if you want to get rid of them.

If you do delete unused nodes take care not to trip up anyone in the course of mapping by deleting newly created nodes.

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