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Posted by Dion Dock on 5 June 2012 in English (English)

I've taken to alpine skiing over the last couple years and have started to map a few of the ski areas. The Bing! imagery is excellent, even way out in the mountains, and works really well for finding the chairlifts. So far, I've found * 49 Degrees North (WA) * Silver Mountain (ID) * Mt. Spokane (WA) * Hoodoo Ski Area (OR) * Mt. Bachelor (OR) * Timberline Lodge (OR) * Mt. Hood Meadows (OR) * Mt. Ashland (OR) * Mzaar (Lebanon !) A few of which I've been lucky enough to map with my GPS.

It looks like some other resorts actually have the forest mapped, which is pretty cool. Unfortunately, the current renderers, mainly Mapnik, don't show the runs like osmarenderer did.

I see a lot of name= tags on the ski runs when there should be piste:name= tags. The effect on Mapnik is a floating name with no other distinguishing features.

It would be extra cool if the renderer would color code the runs for the locals. I didn't realize this, but different areas of the world use different colors. Intermediate runs in the USA are blue but they are red in Europe (and JOSM).

Comment from AndrewBuck on 5 June 2012 at 13:23

Nice work. With regard to your comments regarding the rendering, you can check out

Not sure if it covers the whole world or not but the focus is exactly what you are interested in.


Comment from giggls on 5 June 2012 at 13:29

Overlay tiles with piste runs are available at

The stylefile is also freely available.


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