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Posted by Dion Dock on 3 April 2010 in English (English)

One of the great things about using a wiki is you can make corrections. Unfortunately, I feel like I'm seeing more corrections for corrections sake. For example, Portland has two stadiums, the Memorial Coliseum and its replacement the Rose Garden Arena. Someone decided the latter needed a building=yes tag and now it looks like any other building:

Plus we can't seem to agree whether walkways in a park are tagged as



or highway=track

These ways keep getting tagged and tagged again. Meanwhile, we have neighborhoods without street names
and retail areas with no POI

Maybe this has to do with the fast-and-loose approach to tagging. I mean, there is a valid a case that a sidewalk is a path, paved/unpaved, a footway and a cycleway. The problem as I see it is these changes don't make the map better, just different. Perhaps when tagging stabilizes we can make a bulk edit.

It seems like there are enough TIGER fixes, new roads, trails without traces, missing bridges, POI and other details that changing tags of existing features is perhaps not the best use of time.

What I'm really trying to say is that instead of changing the tags on something that's already mapped, add new data instead.

Comment from 42429 on 3 April 2010 at 08:16

cycleway/footway is a simple approach, especially for newbies.

path/track is a theoretical approach for experienced users:
if car driving is not possible -> path
if horse riding is explicitely allowed/encouraged by signs -> add horse=designated
if cycling is explicitely allowed/encouraged by signs -> add bicycle=designated
if walking is explicitely allowed/encouraged by signs -> add foot=designated
if there are no signs -> leave highway=path without additional tags

The renderer displays paths with bicycle=designated automatically as cycleways and paths with foot=designated automatically as footways, giving priority to the bicycle tag.

However, you need a good local knowledge in order to unify all these park trails.

Yours, FK270673

Comment from marscot on 3 April 2010 at 12:29

heres my thinking :)
highway=path is a thin grass/dirt/ash,/grit/bark/ way you can walk on car no. bike sometimes tag to tell, horse tag to tell
highway=footway, is a more upgraded path
highway=track is a sub road, mostly grit or gravel covered, sometimes grass or mud

Comment from Paul Johnson on 3 April 2010 at 20:52

highway = path (Multi-use path, most park paths, etc)

highway = cycleway (Way is primarily used by cyclists and is constructed primarily for their benefit, such as the Springwater Corridor, I205 Greenway, etc)

highway = footway (Sidewalk or very narrow path, something two bicycles couldn't pass each other in opposite directions on if they're allowed at all, since the tag implies bicycle=no by default)

highway = track is a dirt road and may or may not be open to motor vehicles.

The Rose Garden could be an indoor or an outdoor arena. building=yes there would make it more obvious that it's an indoor arena. If it looks like any other building, well, that's a rendering issue, not a tagging one.

Portland has three stadiums. War Memorial Coliseum, Rose Garden Arena, and PGE Park (pronounced s'ɪvɪk st'eɪdiəm).

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