Updates in Lima and Arequipa (August 2018)

Posted by Diego Sanguinetti on 16 August 2018 in English (English)

Greetings everybod. Just to pass my boring time, I make some minor changes. I hope that ours tourists know how to guide the most of the map points. Without more to say, I highlighted the following:

  • Some streets in Lima and Callao are in English (like “Ayacucho Avenue”)
  • More business between Plaza San Miguel and surroundings (30 min to airport)
  • Many stores at J. Chávez airport
  • Addings in the streets (which were incomplete)
  • Design improvements for the Government Palace (3D graphic)
  • Pedestrian areas in the Parque de la Reserva
  • More buildings and recreational areas (parks) in the district of Rímac
  • Design update of the Mounumental Stadium (Estadio Monumental, with boxes, entrance areas and stands)
  • Redesign of the Jockey Plaza (with toilets, shops and parking areas)

In addition, in other cities:

  • Restaurants in Arequipa and close places (with addresses and phone numbers)
  • Some of the speed limits in Arequipa’s exteriors

PS: In Mission Impossible: Fallout, the map of Paris appears with OpenStreetMap prints. That motivated me to add improvements to those cities in case there was a similar intention.

Translated from my spanish post

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