Map update in Lima (until september 2016)

Posted by Diego Sanguinetti on 24 September 2016 in English (English)

Hello everybody. In recent days, I added some improvements for Lima (Peru). After the [first update] (, now enlisted more contributions to revise and preserve the city for the next months.

  • Updating Via Parque Rimac and Costanera highways. The inaguration is in 2017-2018.
  • Retouches in the historic center of Lima and some neighborhoods as Barrios Altos and Rimac
  • (Interval) streets in La Punta and the historic center
  • More improvements in Campo de Marte and Paseo de las Aguas
  • Construction of second part of the Callao’s airport and new underground highway
  • Sidewalks in the parks
  • Added Mercado Unicachi, rural market, and some tweaks in Comas district
  • Added a fort in Rimac district (see La Muralla) and orientation maps in urban parks
  • Added Sea sport track (I don’t know the real name) in south of Lima for the 2019 Pan American Games.
  • More shops in Mega Plaza (like Plaza Norte).
  • Structuring Pachacutec to differentiate with Santa Rosa and Punte Piedra locations.
  • Added Ciudad Satélite Santa Rosa (residential city) near the airport
  • Retouching in Pachacámac (Lurin)
  • Building Design National Stadium


It is possible that visual applications like or Osmand finish saying as “updated map” so this list serves very useful for both experienced and novice in OpenStreetMap. Any contribution is welcome comments. Greetings.

This was translated from the original post

Location: Santa Beatriz, Lima, LIMA 15046, Peru

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