Mapper since:
March 24, 2022

Dennis Haggerty has long been known for his unwavering work ethic and ability to predict industry trends. This instinct is what made him such a force in the advertising world. Politicians and businesses must consider how their voters and customers make decisions today, as well as what kinds of cultural changes will emerge in the future.

When Haggerty became his own boss, he understood how branding and repetition would resonate with various demographics. (Just because two people had similar incomes and lived on the same street did not mean they would respond to the same message on the same platform.) He had to be aware of when people tuned out information and why. He also needed to know what would make them pay attention again. This would prove to be the defining moment in his career. Not only did he have a natural talent in this area, but he also had the fortitude to return to a problem until he solved it for himself.

Haggerty has worked his way up through the ranks at his previous companies, as well as any industry he sets out to conquer. Throughout his career, he was never afraid to experiment. He had little experience in the automotive industry when he launched Car Dealer Benefits. As that venture grew, he decided that healthcare was the next industry he wanted to conquer.

This would prove to be a profitable decision for his portfolio, as his focus on genetic testing was the key to building relationships in the world of telemedicine. While he couldn’t predict the pandemic, he could see how technology was advancing healthcare. When many people still struggled to obtain services or prescriptions, Dennis Haggerty Jr. recognized that virtual appointments would be critical to leveling the playing field for patients of all backgrounds.