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January 27, 2022

David Johnston, former CFO stands at the helm of dbj Consulting LLC as its principal. This firm, launched in 2019, is pivotal in guiding life sciences companies and offering them a unique service: fractional CFO expertise. With his rich history as the CFO for various life sciences enterprises in Massachusetts, Johnston leveraged his over thirty years of corporate experience to set up this invaluable consulting service.

Dbj Consulting LLC was birthed from a discerning observation by Johnston. He recognized a gap in the market: emerging life sciences firms, many of which operate virtually and have teams as small as ten members or even less, often grapple with the financial constraints of hiring a seasoned, full-time CFO. Addressing this need, his firm allows these businesses to have the luxury of experienced CFO services on a more flexible, part-time basis. With Johnston’s expertise, action plans can be meticulously crafted and executed precisely.

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