Mapper since:
July 22, 2022

David El Dib was a private banker and consultant, but he has worked hard to become a highly sought-after speaker, business owner, and financial investor. David is known worldwide as a leading expert in cryptocurrency and personal finance. People and businesses look to him for financial advice and information. David has built himself up from nothing and is now a successful entrepreneur and financial leader in today’s world of investments, which is very competitive. His goal is to help venture capitalists get returns from crypto-based investments without having to do it themselves, which can be complex and time-consuming.

Over the past few years, David El Dib has developed a way to invest his own money that has been shown to give him the best return. Once his family and friends tried his investment tips and did well, David knew it was time to share his successful strategy with a broader audience. So he started giving seminars and workshops where people could learn about and use his unique ways of investing to help themselves and their families. As his students continued to do well with the personal finance and investment strategies he taught them, David decided to make easy-to-use online wealth-building tools so that more people could access this valuable information. Learn more: