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The most surreal and memorable OSMF board meeting yet 5 months ago

I would say any sort of meeting where there are lots of people all with competing interests - it is often not possible to have any considered discussion as there are so many random opinions flying off at tangents. Don’t think this is necessarily an OSM issue its just happens in big meetings.

The successful test flight of the ultra-low cost DIY RC KFm2 flying wing with the GoPro camera 7 months ago

Excellent work

Data preparation for feature detection with Robosat 9 months ago

Thank you for sharing very interesting

Сервис для построения интересных пешеходных маршрутов на базе OSM данных 10 months ago

Good work Igor

RoboSat — robots at the edge of space! 10 months ago

Excellent work I expect this to continue to improve at a steady pace.

Durham Open Data! 11 months ago

Спасибо за вашу работу Юрий

Durham Open Data! 11 months ago

I went through and found similar sites for Scotland and London

Apologies this is a link to links on my blog where I wrote up about it and indicated what they were

As per rivermont the data sources tend more to be land parcels and boundaries rather than actual physical ground

Some authorities produce maps of things like school catchment boundaries and development land - development land probably will end up being housing at some point so strategically it is very important.

Interestingly in the UK all these open data sites seem to be based around ArcGIS Web stack.

Over 75, 000 schools imported in Peru! 11 months ago

Excellent work really great

Alternative Routes 11 months ago

Brilliant work guys

Maps Update: April 17 → May 13 11 months ago

Thanks for update Zverik

Not Yours, OpenStreetMap 11 months ago

Zverik I would argue that you are equating your understandable slight tiredness with the project with a wider inherent problem - It probably relates to you being more knowledgeable than when you first started out and not having that heady rush of learning new things so quickly as in the early days.

I see a lot of developers get that way - it is often a cue for them to start learning a new language / undertaking a new project. It seems to be the natural flow of learning. Understanding of something can lead to less interest in it.

I am a natural optimist and I do think I annoy some people by being generally satisfied with life.

When OpenStreetMap met Mapbox-GL : 🍚IDLY-GL 11 months ago

Great work - make tools that you can use for yourself and if others use them as well even better

Not Yours, OpenStreetMap 11 months ago

I am a new user and new editor to Open Street Maps and undoubtedly ignorant of much of the finer details of the operation and processes.

My view however is that this is an undeniably successful exercise which I think has a great future. I come from a database background and I consider that databases are absolutely the way forward when handling all large datasets I also think that key value format of data is probably the only workable solution when dealing with a dataset that needs to be edited by so many people I really think maintaining the integrity of layers would be pretty much impossible.

I also have a sneeking suspicion that when we all get to grips with AI/ Data capture automation The talented individuals here will be able to leverage the existing data both in terms of vector and aerial maps to really accelerate the quality both in terms of collecting new information and importantly curating and fixing existing data. No wonder Microsoft chose to allow use of their aerial maps. The existing data set is a data analysts dream.

Applications such asf OSM turbo and ID editor and JSM editor are simply outstanding - so is the documentation - I really feel positive for the future of the project.

Peru’s response to redaction 12 months ago

Congratulations on the inspiring work to get back to a good position.

It shows several things input of data is getting better and more automated with cross referencing to other sources proving very powerful. At some point we will probably be able to automate 99% of the physical data from things like Bing Map. Not sure how far away that is.

captcha about 1 year ago

Good idea

AI With Satellite Images for OpenStreetMap about 1 year ago

I really think this is brilliant the only way to get on top of the amount of data we are talking about.

Specifically could do great things for helping with moderation.

New edits not showing (yet again) about 2 years ago

Yes there is sometimes a short delay - but its not in the editing layer so I never over edit my previous stuff. After a period its rock solid from my viewpoint as well

West Lothian is 100% complete! over 2 years ago

Many thanks great work just got started mapping