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My edits in Bergen County, part 5

Posted by ComBlOp on 28 November 2018 in English (English)

I've just finished mapping Hackensack today, the most populous city in Bergen County. No place has taken a longer time so far except for Paramus, which has more than twice the land area.

A few parks were missing, but I found them through I noticed how a lot of the parks were named after a street that passes right by them, which I found to be somewhat interesting.

While mapping Hackensack, I made it to 600 edits. I had made a lot of edits in Hackensack!

Hackensack is an example of what I like to see in a city. There's great diversity when it comes to neighborhoods. There's a downtown that's one of my favorites, right next to some pretty nice residential areas.

I don't know what I will do next. I will start editing in other countries now, but my mapping in Bergen County will still be my priority!

Below is a link to Hackensack on the map.

Location: Hackensack, Bergen County, New Jersey, 07601, USA

My edits in Bergen County, part 4

Posted by ComBlOp on 12 October 2018 in English (English)

I'm now done with Palisades Park, the next place in Bergen County I was planning to do. It went by so quickly! Only eight days of mapping and I'm done. I added more than a thousand buildings, changed a bit up with schools, and more!

One thing that's interesting is how there were no parks other than Overpeck County Park that were already on the map.

I have really loved Palisades Park for quite a lot of time. High population density, for example, is one of the things I love to see. At over 16 thousand people a square mile, all boredom is immediately released! At night, the lights in the apartments just give a great feel overall. Palisades Park just gives me a vibe I can't explain very well, but it's a good one.

Next up is Hackensack. After that, I will probably start editing other countries.

Also, I have reached 500 edits yesterday while doing a bit of edits in Jersey City! I was planning to finish Palisades Park for 500, but decided it would be fine.

It was very fun to map Palisades Park. I'm ready to see what Hackensack has for me!

Below is a link to Palisades Park on the map.

Location: Palisades Park, Bergen County, New Jersey, 07650, USA

My edits in Bergen County, part 3

Posted by ComBlOp on 4 October 2018 in English (English)

I just finished mapping River Edge today! It was pretty quick compared to Paramus and Alpine, Alpine being 5x larger by area and Paramus 8x.

While mapping River Edge, I also decided to go finish mapping Teterboro, which was already practically done. A few buildings, areas, and airport grass were some of the things I added there.

Next up is Palisades Park. I chose Palisades Park because of two reasons: density and memories.

I will probably do Hackensack next. After that, I probably will start mapping in more countries than just the United States. I'm really looking forward to that!

I'm also pretty happy with my ranking on HDYC-currently 14 in the United States. Additionally, I hit 400 edits a few days ago! I'm making a lot of edits real quickly, and this will hopefully continue. Look at Bergen County now, and you can see the improvement on the map.

You can click below to see River Edge:

Location: Cherry Hill, Bergen County, New Jersey, 07661, USA

My edits in Bergen County, part 2

Posted by ComBlOp on 18 September 2018 in English (English)

After finishing mapping a lot of Paramus, I decided to map Alpine. While I didn't really consistently map Alpine and instead mapped a lot of other random areas in Bergen County during this time period, today I decided to seriously revisit Alpine and finished mapping it.

It was way easier than Paramus, mostly because there is a lower population density and a lower area, hence less building to map. However, as Alpine is one of (if not the most) expensive places to live in within the entire United States, every building required way more nodes than usual to place them on the map.

A lot of my edits outside Alpine were in Hackensack. Downtown Hackensack has a lot of buildings and a lot of parking spaces. I'm going to map Hackensack very soon.

Next up is going to be River Edge, and then Palisades Park. I really love Palisades Park and every time I go there I feel great. Meanwhile, River Edge has a great public library, and something just makes Kinderkamack Road very lovable.

On OSM, Bergen County is improving quickly. At this rate, I don't see much, if anything stopping me from going on for at least another month.

You can click below to see Alpine:

Location: Alpine, Bergen County, New Jersey, 07620, USA

My edits in Bergen County, New Jersey

Posted by ComBlOp on 7 September 2018 in English (English)

I started mapping less than two months ago, with intent to improve the map where I live, Bergen County. I started with Paramus, and I'm now done! Basically every building, residential areas, parking lots, paths... I've mapped a lot. I took a little break from Paramus to do the tiny Rockleigh borough, but then returned back to Paramus.

I'm very happy with my edits and #24 for US edits on HDYC. That's way better than I expected, honestly.

Next is Alpine, and I'm excited to map Alpine. Most of my changes have so far been, and will be buildings, as those are barely marked throughout Bergen County.

I would love to see Bergen County as one of the best openly-mapped areas in the world one day.

The location this post was given is of Paramus.

Location: Paramus, Bergen County, New Jersey, USA