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AFK over 6 years ago

Viel Spaß, und immer ein Paar trockene Socken!

Wieder Garmin over 7 years ago

Einfach ein bisschen Alufolie zwischen Akku und Feder reinstopfen? Hundertprozentig wird’s wohl nicht halten, aber bevor man das Teil wegwirft…

What's your OpenStreetMap story? almost 8 years ago

In 2006/2007, both Dan Karran and I lived in Stuttgart, Germany, and while we never met, I somehow ended up following his activities in OSM, and soon after did the first edits myself (with segments still, oh my). Back then, a mapper in OSM was god-like, creating entire towns and autobahns etc. out of nothing, and every Wednesday, they would magically appear. Soon OSM became usable as the main map on Garmins, and also the osm2pgsql/mapnik toolchain improved so much that any layman could create their own map style, which I did as (thanks again Ian Dees for hosting early versions of it). And these days, when you go on vacation to a place where you feel not enough hiking trails are mapped (, you add them from the Bing aerial images, and a few days later have them on whatever device you bring along.

von Spitzbergen und Luftbildern over 9 years ago

JOSM kann doch entlang eines Ways runterladen - dafuer muesste die existierende Kuestenlinie ausreichen, oder?

Mapping Ugunja District over 10 years ago

That looks awesome. I have taken the liberty of correcting two little spelling mistakes, hope you don’t mind.

Am Rauenstein (Kurort Rathen / Weißig) almost 12 years ago

Solche Inschriften koennten vielleicht auch einfach nur historic=engraving oder sowas sein? Wird dann halt nicht gerendert. Ziemlich prominent sind diese Inschriften teilweise schon, so dass sie auf einem Kartenausdruck u.U. doch wertvoll sein koennten...

Der Rauenstein ist ein lohnendes Ziel, weil es davon keine detaillierte Boehmkarte gibt :)

A copy of my reply posted on the MOBAC Project site: almost 12 years ago

OsmAnd ( does awesome vector rendering in the OSM "Mapnik" style in the beta version or the nightly builds. Absolutely recommended.

Getting Started over 12 years ago

Some links:,, (my own rendering project), - and many more to discover.

Just to brag a little about the the work done so far ;-) over 12 years ago

You are part of the team, so everyone else also has to thank *you* for your work. :) Thanks!

New device! over 12 years ago

I like MapDroyd, OruxMaps, RMaps, OsmAnd, Skobbler. Also take a look at OsmTracker.

Kersey Lane in Deptford, NJ, US fixed over 12 years ago

Welcome! But beware, it's highly addictive :)

Virtual Bike Across Canada - Day 004 Port Alberni, BC almost 13 years ago

Nice example, thanks for the note. One sugestion: if you screenshot the print preview, it will not have that ugly permalink at the bottom, but instead the full URL of CC-by-SA. (OTOH, in Firefox I always get a slightly different area than what I see when looking at the map in the normal way.)

Hillshading Plus Relief Coloring almost 13 years ago

The awesome Dane Springmeyer wrote for solving that problem when you absolutely need a single tile. Of course, if you are doing this specifically for such mobile applications, it makes sense to optimize for it and not incur the overhead of two tiles.

Hillshading Plus Relief Coloring almost 13 years ago

Looks pretty good. The pixels can be smoothed further with other GDAL options I think - take a look at the links in the link below.

FWIW, for only the hillshading (i.e. not the color relief), I'm doing it a bit differently:


Stammtisch 08.04.2010 almost 13 years ago

Vielleicht sollten wir ganz altmodisch das hier lernen:
(lustig zu lesen)

This site is awesome almost 13 years ago

In addition to what was said: welcome, and beware. "Beware" because you may soon find out that OSM is really addictive :)

Help needed please about 13 years ago

Did you maybe "Save" the track? If so, don't, use the track from the Micro SD card as-is.

Topographical Model about 13 years ago for one

XC Ski Trail Map about 13 years ago

For hillshading of any OSM-style map, you can use the hillshading tiles of (and also the flat hikebike layer if you want).


Potlatch under Ubuntu not usable about 13 years ago

Maybe the fix described here helps?: