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how do I animate an GPX trace? about 8 years ago

You can use the Party render script:

OSM Xml scripting about 8 years ago

Well, I have to agree with Pieren and tomevans: the oneway tag is implied in the case of roundabouts. If you have problems with routing you should do the following steps:
1. Check that the roundabout direction is correct in OSM data, otherwise reverse it. If the direction is fine then move to step 2 :), otherwise stop and way for Cloudmade to update the data.
2. Report this as a bug to Cloudmade, because in this case their routing engine is not working properly.

Note: To be honest I am using Cloudmade's routing on my site and I haven't seen this problem so I recommend checking the data.

Invitation à un CartoSatCamp organisé par Spot Image about 8 years ago

My French is not that good but (from what I understood) this will probably mean a lot for OSM, in terms of access to data. I believe that if SPOT will allow OSM-ers to access their imagery we will be able to create more up to date maps quicker and this will benefit the entire world (I assume that a future collaboration with SPOT will not be limited to France territory, just that we are the right people to start this because SPOT is a French company).

For Romania for example we only have Yahoo imagery on a very limited area, and tracing from SPOT will allow us to start from a known state (even 2006 data is still at least 80% correct), and not from scratch. It's much easier to update something that is already there (even if it is not 100% correct) and it will be easier to get people to contribute to OSM.

If you will have any update after the meeting I hope you will keep us posted.


OSM Belarus Team on Google MapMaker Mapping Party Minsk about 8 years ago

Great idea and implementation guys!

Photogrammetry over 8 years ago

Looks great, definitely something that can help us getting more buildings without having access to satellite photos. I would like to a little bit more detail about using Bundler to achieve this, but a great job overall!

Khammam town over 8 years ago

I am using geotagged photos to mark places, while in the background I have an app that records the track.

Download map... over 8 years ago

Poti incerca si GpsMid ( sau WeTravel (