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Cineam - Not long ago, the websites were only for geek men and women who spent their days living in the virtual world W3. But many things change rapidly in the web world and nowadays, anyone can build a website - and many do it for very good reasons … because it can be profitable. Internet economic activity is greater than the entire Spanish or Canadian economy.

A group of researchers tried to give value to the contribution of the Internet to the global economy - and they thought it was bigger than the entire Canadian or Spanish economy. The McKinsey Global Institute released a study that claims the Internet accounts for around 3.4% of economic activity in the 13 largest countries in the world.

The study found that in 2009, the Internet contributed around $ 1.67 trillion to global gross domestic product. The inch only slightly surpassed all of Canada’s GDP, which came to $ 1.34 trillion in the same year, and $ 1.46 trillion in the Spanish economy. It is estimated that 2 billion people now use the Internet and that internet users exchange $ 8 trillion every year through e-commerce.